Top Upcoming FPS Video Games Of 2019 - Gameranx

Video games are present in a variety of genres, each with a different graphic and visual style. People are attracted to the gaming zone more than any other field due to the thrilling experience it provides to its user. Video games are claimed to help in increasing the productivity and understanding level of the players, raising their ability to focus on things. Nowadays, the trend of first-person shooter games is flourishing in the market and attracting a range of gamers towards it. All reliable companies are directing their focus on designing games that contain a touch of realism and clear graphics attracting their users to addicting levels. 


Online game shopping reviews showed that most people are interested in the FPS genre of the gaming world as it helps them enjoy a thrilling gaming experience doubled up with in-person shooting and hunting. Here is a guide to the upcoming FPS game releases in the Uk.


  • XIII

XIII is a UK-based game released in the UK and the US in 2022. It is an action genre game containing multiplayer fights and wars where the murder of the president takes place leading to a thrill in the country. The user has the role of a wounded warrior who is designated to find the culprit and discover the challenges and face them. 


  • CrossfireX

CrossfireX is a game series developed over 10 years. It is considered one of the most played games ever in the world. It involves risks and adventures covering the global conflicts and the battles faced by the joined teams by obstructive scenarios.


  • Boundary

It is a game space that involves its players in the heavily armed astronauts’ fights in zero gravity in space. It involves multiple gaming modes and a set of six players with weapons and different ammunition. It is an action replay game intended to release in the US and the UK in 2022.


  • Solaris: Offworld Combat

It is a fast-paced game that allows multiple players in intense action scenarios including armor fights and defeating your opponents to win the next levels of combat. A team of four members will be created to fight with the opponent’s four members to win the control point and create a thrilling scenario of terror and winnings.


  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human

This game revolves around the shocking adventure of a virus outbreak that took over the city and resulted in the backfall of technology and civilization. The user is assigned tasks to bring back the world to normal and save himself through the challenges to survive in the collapsed world.



There are thousands of FPS games to be released in the upcoming years and months in the UK. All revolves around the basic combating skills and the response force of the users. It provides the ease of playing with your partners to battle against each other making the games more focus-directed and entertaining. Visit the websites in the UK to know more about the release dates and the information regarding the purchase of the FPS games.