You want to explore the excitement of playing sex games to spice up your relationship. But there’s only one problem. How do you bring up the idea of playing couples games to your partner? Will they want to play these kinds of games or be insulted that you think your sex life is boring? Especially in longer term relationships, even the thought of discussing or changing your sex routine can be uncomfortable. But playing adult games can be the best way to introduce fun new activities into your love life without feeling awkward.

Everyone wants an exciting and satisfying sex life filled with erotic adventures, romantic intimacy, creative foreplay and emotional thrills that bring you closer as a couple. But most people are shy about revealing the full range of their sexual needs and desires. Sometimes we just need a signal that it’s okay to be frisky, playful and naughty – to give ourselves permission to release the controls on our sex drive. The key is to start in neutral first playing regular games to build trust and confidence. Then progressively shift to different levels of game play that include more intimate pleasures.

Here is a list of various types of adult games in order of intensity level. Try a few games from each category before moving on to the next. Adjust how fast you go and be prepared to go back a level if either of you get too far outside your sexual comfort zone.

  1. Regular games like checkers, cards, billiards and bowling allow you to play and have fun together innocently. Get your partner used to playing games then slyly up the ante with a pleasure reward for the winner. Propose a simple strip game if the mood seems right.
  2. Romantic games are designed to strengthen your emotional bond by getting you to slow down and fully experience an intimate connection with each other. They can be actual board games or books with romantic questions and activities. Even a romantic massage or bubble bath for two can create intense feelings between you. These loving exercises will increase your level of trust so you both feel safe with each other.
  3. Relationship games help you discover more about each other by getting you to talk openly about your life together. As we grow and change, ensure you keep your communication flowing so you don’t drift apart. Play these games to find new interests or activities you can do together – more challenging the better your bonding.
  4. Erotic games have an adult theme that may be funny, based on sexual trivia or intended to arouse your mind. Gaining more sex knowledge and seeing how your partner reacts to certain erotic subjects can make you a more understanding and sensitive lover. Play these just for fun – some can also be played with friends to get a new perspective on how other people think and feel about sex.
  5. Bedroom games provide ways to randomly mix up and combine different types of sensual pleasuring. These foreplay games allow you to playfully delay sex while you stimulate and arouse each other in new ways. You may be encouraged to experiment with new sex positions or techniques – things you might not allow yourself to do if it wasn’t part of the game. Become more aware of what you both enjoy and gain confidence in your creative lovemaking skills.
  6. Role play games are more advanced types of sex play where you explore fantasies and secret desires. By pretending to be different characters acting out a passionate scene, you can release your inhibitions and explore hot sex with wild abandon. Start with simple scenarios you find in movies or books together. Try them using just your imagination first before buying costumes and props.

Laughing and playing together is always good for your relationship. When your fun and games lead to sensual pleasure and amazing sex, you are definitely on the right track. Start slow, gain trust, build confidence and your lover will eagerly play more couples games with you.

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