While some websites will allow you to play Monopoly online with their own special applications there are some specific Monopoly computer games that can be used instead. These games allow you to connect to networks where people meet or connect you to people you know from far away places.

Hasbro Interactive’s Monopoly game is considered to be the official game of most online Monopoly players. It is used as one of the more popular online games on the market. It offers network and Internet support and it features fully customizable rules so that you can play a standard game, a custom game, a tournament game or short game. It also works on Windows 98, ME and XP. It should be noted that Games.com, a website that offered support for this game, no longer exists.

An older edition of the game is also popular too. Westwood Studios’ version of Monopoly was made in the middle part of the 1990’s. You can connect online through various servers, including Case’s Ladder, for playing with other people.

You can play with some newer editions of the game as well. For instance, Yahoo has the new Here and Now edition of Monopoly available for play. You can download a free trial of it and then purchase the full version and download the entire thing onto your computer. You’ll be able to not only play with other people in your home and with computer opponents but you can also play with others in the Yahoo network. While this is a direct to drive download you will be able to have the Yahoo system remember that you bought the program so that you can download it again if you ever have to for reasons like buying a new computer.

It should be noted that the Monopoly editions that will be played in most software programs are those of the original format. This includes the standard properties from Mediterranean Avenue to Boardwalk. Some programs do have localized editions or are of the new Here and Now edition with new properties and updated currency amounts and Chance and Community Chest cards.

All sorts of different Monopoly computer games can be used as online games for playing with others. The versions from Hasbro Interactive and Westwood Studios are among the most notable versions that are available. Playing with newer editions like on Yahoo can work as well. Be sure to visit your local software store for information on these and other options for Monopoly online games.

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