On of the most asked question in the gaming industry is probably this one because everyone is curious to know if it is real possible to become a video game tester. And after experience as I am one, I can proudly say yes you can become one. But then another problem comes up and that is, how? Well it is simple but there is a twist to it and that is exactly what I will be discussing about today (including how to become a video game tester).

Alright so now that you know that it is possible to test games and get paid you are probably going to off to search engines and land on a scam site. Why? Well because most sites are scams and you never know that until you pay for the membership and you never hear from them again. This should not be a reason to stop looking for real membership sites because there are real ones on the internet and they pay quite a lot of cash!

When looking for a site to join, do not look at its design and layout because it might not be a very good one. Always look at what it offers. Why do I mention this? Simply because scam sites are always made to fool you, so they make it look like it is legitimate while it is not and there can be a site that may look a bit weird but it is a real.

All in all, the old expression ” do not judge a cover by its cover” applies in this case also.

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