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Are you looking for ways to make shopping fun? Do you want to earn money just by shopping? Game-shopping apps are just the thing for you.


Imagine earning points just for entering a store, or from scanning a product’s barcode and reading the product information. This is exactly what you can expect from the latest shopping application technology. There are a multitude of applications that you can download to earn loyalty points while shopping. It brings back the fun into any shopping experience. If you are looking for the best online shops that have loyalty point application programs, visit review sites to read more about these gaming apps and how they can save you money. Click on the links to be redirected to a review page that has thousands of real reviews from customers who have rated a company for their products or services.

How do these applications work?

The first, and probably most obvious, step is to download the application from your smartphone application and create an account. Once you are registered, read the terms and conditions and study the list of participating stores. Start your shopping and earn those points. Here’s how you can earn points:

  • Walk into certain stores and earn points immediately. 
  • Scan the barcode of a product using the application and read the information provided.
  • Purchase items that are linked to the card.


Once you have amassed a certain number of points, you can trade them in for gift certificates to participating stores.

Can I use this application for online stores?
The answer is, of course, yes! Several online stores take part in this loyalty program. Here are ways to earn points when shopping online:

  • Visit certain participating online stores. 
  • View selected products
  • Make a purchase using the mobile phone application
  • Watch advertisements and videos

As is the process with in-store shopping, you can trade in your points for a gift certificate to any of the participating online stores.


How can I make this fun?

Share the application with friends and start a challenge to see who can collect the most points per week. Get together once a week over a cocktail or coffee and compare your points. The person with the least points for the week buys the drinks. Share tips and secrets with the group.


For an extra fun challenge, create a scavenger hunt for stores that offer loyalty points when using the application. Set a timer and see who in your group can collect the most points and visit the most stores in the allotted time. Give the winner a small prize. 


Join social media groups relating to the app and get the best tips and sense of community that comes with these groups. 


Gaming-shopping apps are a magnificent way to bring the fun back into shopping and earn you money for visiting a store. Available on multiple operating systems, these applications are free to download from the application store on your smartphone.