How to Buy Used Games Online to Save Money


Game adverts are a beautiful thing to watch, games are a beautiful thing to play, however, the game fees are difficult to pay. When you see gamers on Luminablog – PC gamers and console gamers alike – discussing the features of a game, it is very hard to not be interested in playing the games. 

The problem, however, is when it comes to buying these games. The online shopping prices are a bit high and not everyone will be able to afford it which leaves them with the option of buying used games. If you are one of the several people who are looking for how to save money by buying used games, here are some tips for you to follow.


  • Online Stores: 

If you are looking for a place to buy quality products at a reduced price, it is almost predictable that you will check websites like eBay or Amazon. Yes, right? These online stores also have your favorite games at very discounted prices. These discount prices are always open within a short time. 

You can get a game like Call of Duty: Black Ops III for PlayStation 3 for less than $5. Meanwhile, the actual game costs around $20. There you save an extra $15 to shop more or buy some junks to eat as you shoot. Always make sure that you check more than one online store to get the best price available at any time.


  • Exchange: 

Before money, there was the trade-by-barter system where you give someone who needs what you have to receive something that you need from that person. Well, that system is not entirely ruled out now and you can exchange games with any of your friends online. If you have a friend who needs a game that you want and has that you have, the both of you can do a swap and return it after a while.


  • Gaming Store: 

Since most game stores are now online, a lot of physical gaming stores have been closed down. However, you can still find a store that sells games and what pleasure will it be to stand in the middle of all your favorite games. The good thing is that since they are gaming stores, the price will be cheaper there. You can also check through online gaming stores to get the best games at the best prices.


  • Thrift Stores: 

We all know that thrift products are usually way lesser than brand new ones. Thrift stores do not only exist for clothes and other accessories, you can also find thrift stores that sell games online. 


  • Game Rental: 

It is a thing of pride for a gamer to have a large collection of games. However, if you cannot find a place to buy that game that you are craving to play, why not find a place to rent it? It will be rented at a cheaper price and who knows you might find a place to buy it and add it to your collection before you are done.



Gamers aren’t quitters. You cannot give up on playing a game just because you cannot afford the new one. Like you will always find new ways to win while playing your game, you can always find cheaper ways to get your game.