A groom-to-be kicked the best man out of his wedding after a video game session went wrong.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in on the issue. One day, his fiancee, May, beat his best man, Andre, in video games multiple times. Andre was such a sore loser that he trash-talked May, so the Reddit poster kicked Andre out of the wedding.

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“I am engaged to May,” he said. “My best friend Andre is the best man. May is a huge anime and gamer nerd. We’re all gamers, but she has, like, every system under the sun. May and Andre have always gotten along, but they never actually hung out near video games together. I had him and two of our other friends over for a couple beers and cigars. Andre heard May turn on her Switch, and he asked if she had Super Smash Bros.”

“I warned Andre that he was going to get trashed, to which he made the comment, ‘Girl gamers don’t scare me.’ No, May did not hear him. Well, May suited up with Yoshi, and she annihilated all of [my friends] without trying. I could see they were frustrated, so I proposed we do something else. Everyone except Andre was done with the games. He proposed they play Tetris. And, once again, Andre lost. Hard.”

Tinashe is calling the shots:

But the Reddit poster was horrified when he overheard Andre and his friends talking about May.

“May told the guys she was going to take a bathroom break and put her headset down,” he explained. “I asked May if I could play the next round. She agreed, and I put on her headset, only to hear my friends talking trash about her. They were saying things like, ‘Why are girls such try hards’ and ‘She’s good at gaming, but I bet she couldn’t make a sandwich.’

“Now, they didn’t know I was there, so I spoke and told them to shut up. Andre laughed and said they were ‘just joking,’ and I said that’s not funny, and what if May came back and heard them? He said it’s just ‘gamer talk,’ and I said it wasn’t. Andre told me I was being an a** and dragging down the group. He also told me they wouldn’t be talking smack if I told May to stop trying so hard. Long story short, after an argument, I kicked Andre out of the wedding.”

Redditors supported the fiance’s decision.

“They are being sexist because their egos are hurt by a woman being better at games than them. You handled it really well, and you were right to call them out,” someone wrote.

“Good on you for standing up for her,” another said.

“He’s just mad she didn’t let him win,” a person commented.

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