To the delight of several a supporter, Sq. Enix announced Kingdom Hearts IV yesterday. The tantalizing cinematic trailer confirmed off a more mature-searching Sora exploring a realistic human city invaded by Heartless. Normally, the online video elevated plenty of inquiries, but it also led us to gush about the matters we want to see in the hotly-anticipated sequel.

That is why we, the Kingdom Hearts enthusiasts in the Sport Informer office, couldn’t help but share our personal hopes and desires for the subsequent sport. Allow us know what you think of our wishlists, and be positive to share your possess dreams and expectations down in the remarks! 

Wesley LeBlanc 

There are two factors I want most out of Kingdom Hearts IV: A new Pirates of the Caribbean earth that builds off of the foundation of Kingdom Hearts III’s iteration, and a total (Desire Drop) dive into Quadratum, the globe of Verum Rex, and eventually, Nomura’s Remaining Fantasy Compared to XIII Frankenstein monster by way of Kingdom Hearts. 

Nomura’s canceled Versus XIII game is perfectly-identified, and if you have performed Kingdom Hearts III, you know how a lot of As opposed to XIII exists in its in-universe Verum Rex movie sport. Nomura is creating this dropped project one way or one more, and I regard that kind of devotion. That he’s seemingly going to make it materialize by way of Kingdom Hearts is the most Nomura factor ever. Kingdom Hearts III gave us a style of what that appears to be like like, but I hope that in some way, shape, or type, Kingdom Hearts IV capabilities even additional of Nomura’s Versus XIII in it. 

Oh, and I hope we get a Star Wars globe in Kingdom Hearts IV. And while we’re at it, let us get some Marvel Cinematic Universe appreciate in there, as well, if only to see Nomura recreate the popular Avengers: Endgame portal scene in this kind of a way that we see Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Mickey emerge alongside the likes of Spider-Man and Black Panther.

Marcus Stewart

I’ll preface my impending rant by disclosing that I am, in truth, a Kingdom Hearts enthusiast. Not a diehard, but I have completed and liked practically each individual match to some extent. That stated, what I want more than any film illustration, combat mechanic, or zipper-laden outfit is an advancement on the series’ atrocious producing. I’m not conversing about its overly challenging narrative. That ship has by now sailed (generally more than my head). I suggest the real spoken dialogue.

Playing Kingdom Hearts III manufactured me comprehend that I’ve outgrown the franchise’s cheesy, hamfisted conversations. The dialogue in these game titles has constantly been unnaturally stilted, riddled with awkward mid-sentence pauses and uncomfortable silences prior to an individual speaks up yet again. I put up with it in the 2000s/2010s, but it drove me up a wall in KH III, robbing several psychological times of their gravitas.

Because we’re evidently journeying to the “real” earth in KH IV, follow accommodate by building Sora and Co. talk and emote nearer to precise people and not like unintentional parodies of lousy anime tropes. The writing doesn’t will need to be Naughty Pet concentrations of excellence (feel free of charge to shock me) and I don’t brain it being foolish. The dialogue just requires to be improved. I experience like my wish is about as possible to come about as Sora helping Maggie the cow in a Dwelling on the Variety world, but a gentleman can dream. 

Oh, and can we Eventually get a entire world dependent on A Goofy Film, full with a playable rendition of “Eye to Eye”? Quite be sure to, Sq.? 

Mónica Rexach Ortiz

I hope Kingdom Hearts IV will aid us comprehend wherever Sora is. In Kingdom Hearts III, we see Sora save and switch areas with Kairi just after Xehanort sends her heart to nothingness. The major queries for me right after that ending had been: 

1. Exactly where is Sora? Is he lifeless, dropped, or is he overlooked? 

2. What does it suggest to die in Kingdom Hearts? Is this exactly where Xion landed when she was forgotten? 

3. And, most importantly, will Sora ever become a Keyblade Master like his greatest buddy Riku, and will he discover to wield the Electric power of Waking? 

My 2nd hope is that Kingdom Hearts IV sheds some gentle on quite a few of the important plot points left unanswered in the prior game titles.

I’d also like to see new and thrilling Disney worlds with enjoyable mechanics! I want worlds based on Coco, Star Wars, Encanto, Marvel movies, Frozen II, Wreck-It Ralph, MoanaWithin Out – there are so several to opt for from! I also hope they’ll include things like some of the musical things of these videos. I liked remaining ready to sing along during the Frozen environment in Kingdom Hearts III, and I was a admirer of the rhythm match in the Tiny Mermaid earth from Kingdom Hearts II. 

My remaining want is for the potential to swap in between key characters again, like in Beginning by Rest. It was so enjoyment to experience the most important tale from a few unique points of watch and use figures with various battling models. I would like to knowledge Kingdom Hearts IV from the lens of Kairi, Sora, and Riku as they discover their way back again to each and every other.

John Carson

It is hard to notify where Kingdom Hearts ought to go these times, in particular with KH4 leaning into realism in its initially trailer. Obviously, the Lucasfilm and Marvel universes are effortless to see as the subsequent prospective worlds to discover. Toss Sora on a treasure hunt with Indiana Jones, and have him journey the stars with the Guardians of the Galaxy in a gummi ship. Both would be feasible and entertaining, but I’d like KH4 to lean into the other half of what created Kingdom Hearts special to me in the 1st spot. Give me extra Closing Fantasy people and worlds!

I have not performed nearly anything earlier Kingdom Hearts II, but I am informed that present Remaining Fantasy people all but disappeared in KH III, inspite of areas of what was Remaining Fantasy Versus XIII/Remaining Fantasy XV bleeding into the collection. Permit Donald, Goofy, and Sora take a look at Ivalice, Midgar, Balamb Backyard garden, or Eorzea with characters from people video games. Of system, Disney is the huge title connected to sell copies of the recreation, but these days I’d somewhat see FFXII’s Balthier clearly show up than the solid of Luca or Encanto to alter issues up a little bit and return to the series’ roots. Other than that, I hope Nomura lastly gets to make the Versus XIII he’s been itching to get out of his system for extra than a 10 years. It is apparent he simply cannot transfer on from all those concepts right up until they’ve arrive to fruition in some kind or manner.

Kim Wallace

Kingdom Hearts IV moving the series’ into a authentic-entire world landscape tremendously opens up the prospects of what can be done, and in flip, what I want in the next sport. Things I never ever felt ended up possible for the sequence abruptly seem like they just may possibly be. I’m psyched to take a look at Quadratum and see how much inspiration it normally takes from Tokyo and its landmarks. The sensible location and graphics would also lend on their own very well to Disney’s Marvel and Star War houses. However, no matter whether we see Marvel or Star Wars worlds/people actually comes down to Disney. Kingdom Hearts III was economically successful, so it could make Disney bend a lot more, but as we read from director Tetsuya Nomura, Disney’s approval method can be challenging and complicated. BUT Be sure to MAKE IT Happen. That getting mentioned, I hope the animated worlds however have a major put in IV. If we’re going for my earth wishlist: Turning Purple, Encanto, Moana, and Coco rank the highest.

I also want to see Last Fantasy figures introduced back again in some meaningful way for IV. Sora pretty much appears to be like like he’s straight out of the Last Fantasy series now (twinning with Squall), it is only fitting. On the matter of gameplay, give me individuals tremendous bosses and intensive fights the earlier entries have been known for, but increase in a lot more verticality and choices for destruction. The trailer showed it was going in this way, which can make me delighted, specially with Sora now getting a grappling hook and sliding by properties. I cherished Flowmotion from Aspiration Fall Distance, and I acquired vibes of that when viewing IV’s expose, in particular as Sora swung on the utility pole and launched himself in the air, so I hope IV feels a lot more like an upgraded variation of that.

As to not spoil nearly anything, I will maintain my tale would like short. Even though Kingdom Hearts III supplied some conclusions, it also remaining a great deal on the desk, and several figures nonetheless have to have their minute in the sunshine (Lea and Kairi, cough cough). I also sense like IV’s far more practical bent is the option for the tale to be darker and go further into its themes of decline and friendship, and probably even at last assist us let go of Sora. I adore Sora, but it’s time for somebody new to just take the mantle and the series to develop outside of him. If anything at all is crystal clear, it’s that you simply cannot actually place your finger on in which Kingdom Hearts will go subsequent, as Nomura has established he’s entire of surprises no make a difference how quite a few cryptic clues he leaves for us. This is the most significant change we have seen in the sequence, and I do not intellect that becoming embraced because it could be a amazing rebirth for a new technology that takes things to an fascinating new level.

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