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Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are in this article!

Amajeto is back with a new recreation and it is a superior 1! Then tomoLaSiDo wishes you to make a cheesecake – a unit for creating cheesecakes is in the apartment, you just require to get ingrediences. Primera/Cabeza remade a further vibrant sport from 2011 and the following is point’n’click adventure by Emily Rook (Péťa Emmerová) in a design and style of Grounhog Working day. Amélie, a witch, produces a time loop and you repeat one day several situations until you get to a single of the a few ends. See, that the sport can be performed directly in a browser or downloaded, but can be saved only in download edition. If the game played in a browser crashes, your development is missing.

Lovely puzzler by JCodina and ArcaCrema is a dreamy and stress-free recreation – a demo only, but has 28 levels. The last comes FeatureKreep‘s participate in on phrases – you are meant to make a dictionary and infer the which means of text from the context.

Have a excellent time and take pleasure in!


Amajeto wants you to get ready for a day and all you have to have to do is to get a large bouquet. That is straightforward, a stunning bouquet is accessible at a flower shop across the avenue, but only on screen locked in a glass circumstance, regrettably. To obtain a key you want to remedy lots of puzzles and acquire sixteen hearts. With any luck , the date goes very well!
The cursor just isn’t modifying, save selection, 1 ending.

cheesecake.pngThis 7 days we have bought by tomoLaSiDo two rooms apartment and the specific gadget you come across in the to start with area is employed to develop cheesecakes. You will need just one and are unable to keep away from making it considering that with the cheesecake you get the final capsule with a crucial section.
The cursor isn’t transforming, autosave, 1 ending.

big1.png big2.png

Another remake by Primera/Cabeza is here, and once again you locate yourself stuck in a lodge place not capable to take pleasure in your holiday getaway. Oh effectively. the vital should be someplace in the room, you just need to resolve number of puzzles – luckily, you will not be thirsty, you can make a cup of coffee and tea in this article!
The cursor is shifting, no help you save choice, just one ending.


Point’n’click experience by Emily Rook (Péťa Emmerová) is set in Europe at a time when the witch hunts had been in a full swing. Youthful witch Amélie has 1 day to transform the study course of functions in a compact village and the only way how to do that is to use a magic and make quite a few potions. On the other hand, she requirements to get ingrediences for potions and the time is operating rapidly…and on the major of that, the inquisitors have confirmed up in the village on that incredibly day. Suitable at the game’s starting Amélie manages to make a time loop and so you can repeat the identical day a lot of occasions, until finally you resolve the make any difference…or be burned.
The video game can be performed in your browser and it truly is downloadable, too. Notice, that the game is somewhat extensive and has three distinctive endings, and the browser edition won’t have a save alternative compared with obtain. I experienced crash of the video game.
The cursor is changing, no save solution (browser edition), three endings.

skywalker.pngCalming and stress-free puzzler by JCodina and ArcaCrema is a demo only – full edition will be accessible on Steam – but has 28 stages and offers a very a ton. You will need to generate your path throughout the skies and on your way acquire stars – your magical electric power permits you to shift around white clouds and consequently make bridges among unmovable dim types. Lovely art and soundtrack, not demanding.

Thoroughly controlled by a mouse, autosave, 28 concentrations.

rosetta.pngRosetta Stone, an agent of the Alien Language Preservation Modern society, is meant to create a dictionary of the Thesauri language. Sadly, she would not know a word and requirements your help. You are meant to figure out what are inhabitants of Thesauri earth saying from the context and deduce meanings of terms. The activity is by FeatureKreep.

Shifting all over WASD/Arrow keys, for all the things else use a mouse. No help save solution.

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