Launch notes and data about, Tremendous Duper Mega.

Tremendous Duper Mega, is a platformer/facet-scrolling shooter based off of me and my friends’ YouTube sequence. The game carefully follows the gatherings of every single episode but also can take some resourceful liberties.

I strongly suggest looking at some of our videos to get a feel for what this game is about (and if you are pondering how we managed to get an actual rescue helicopter AND former vice president, Mike Pence in our video clips… I guess you’ll in no way know).

King Chip Boss Battle

The activity alone attributes a few chapters with two bosses in every single of them. Just after enjoying this activity you will be capable to say (with self confidence) that you defeated foes these as an animated bag of chips, a demented piece of icebreaker chewing gum, Satan himself, and the entirety of ISIS.

Not only that, but you have the support of the all-potent Joe Rogan through your entire journey.

Breaker of Ice Boss Battle

Aside from the bosses and Joe Rogan, you get to engage in as Bryan and Matt. Not to be bewildered with Ryan and Matt, I you should not know exactly where all those names came from or who those people are.

Regardless, you will have to swap among people all over every stage to overcome several obstacles. All through your journey you will also be equipped with a saltshaker and a 9mm pistol to defend you in opposition to enemies.

Blastass Minigame

There are three minigames that you can participate in alongside with the principal story mode. The a person featured higher than is the Blastass minigame, an epic vehicle-scrolling obstacle class wherever you get to display off, you’re insane skateboarding techniques. There is also a Glizzy Gobbler minigame, where by you ought to get the position of a sizzling-pet seeking to dodge abdomen acid that is raining from the sky. The third minigame is a little bit haunted, but I will never get into that. You won’t be the same following you engage in it.


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