If you are a retro gamer, it is difficult not to ignore the Atari Lynx. The 1st color hand-held it may have been, but its smaller library of games (less than 100 official titles) and standard mishandling by Atari alone attained it small extra than a wander-on job in gaming heritage for most people today. As these types of, the homebrew and indie scene for the Lynx is really skinny compared to its contemporaries (the Activity Boy and the Sport Equipment).

The technique nonetheless has its lovers, nevertheless, (me involved) and a few dedicated people however keep a candle for the chonky handheld, with new titles now additional prevalent than they had been a 10 years back. But the authentic rarity is the whole, bodily release. Right here are 4 new game titles you can play on primary components, full with cartridge and box, just as character meant.

For Lynx diehards, there’s 1 location to collect: AtariAge. And person Fadest (real name, Frédéric Descharmes) is just one of the extended-standing users of the handheld’s forum there. He’s most likely very best acknowledged for his Yastuna collection of puzzle online games. His two new releases continue to keep the puzzle development, but with a shoot-em-up/journey twist.

Descharmes started programming for the Lynx as a way to channel his enthusiasm for retro gaming although he soothed his son to sleep late at night. He came to the Lynx specially for its technological limitations (even though it was highly developed for its time). “I like the NES and Match Boy, and even code for them, but in my newbie problem, the Lynx was probably the most effective option when I started out in 2004,” he instructed Engadget.

Raid on TriCity – 2nd Wave

Raid on Tri City - Second Wave for the Atari Lynx


Raid on TriCity usually takes the classic Tetris structure and introduces a shoot-em-up element. As the blocks drop, you can not transfer them or rotate them, but you can shoot them away brick by brick. You score, as typical, by completing lines (and not by taking pictures), and some of the Tetrominoes comprise electric power-ups or enemies/approaches to die.

Descharmes currently released a shell out-what-you-want ROM-only model of Raid on TriCity. “Second Wave” is effectively the similar sport as a bodily release with some new in-game perks. The two most vital types would be the addition of an EEPROM for storing development/high scores (no retail Lynx games ever experienced batteries or memory like some Match Boy titles did) and a new tale method which injects some lifestyle into an in any other case decide on-up-and participate in time killer.

As straightforward as the video game may perhaps sound, the hybrid dynamic picks the ideal aspects of both equally genres and blends them to wonderful result. As you see blocks slipping you have to make a swift selection about no matter if you want to go for a entire line, or no matter whether a energy-up may well be a lot more attractive or possibly you have to sacrifice 1 to get rid of a baddie behind it. At times this can be a bit of a gamble if a electrical power-up you want has blocks previously mentioned it that might deliver you nearer to the upper threshold and consequently the conclusion of the recreation.

Also, as traces finish and convey any ability-ups previously mentioned it one particular row down, a practical bomb can turn out to be a demise sentence (bombs induce when a line is finished using nearly anything one square all over it alongside with it — like your spaceship if you are not thorough).

The tale manner isn’t accurately its have adventure, a lot more it serves as a way to split up the recreation play with some narrative interludes and an factor of interactivity in selecting your “path” as a result of a network of levels. The stages by themselves are really just extra of the exact same shoot-a-block organization, but it makes it experience extra like producing development, and consequently a activity with an conclusion to arrive at (relatively than a high score to beat).

Asteroid Chasers

Asteroid Chasers for the Atari Lynx


Fadest’s 2nd new title is yet another puzzler, but this time it is far more about technique and fortune. I say fortune, but it is normally mis-fortune to be good. The recreation seems like it is likely to be a retro area shooter at first look, but is extra akin to a card match. Every single transform you are going to be offered with an item/card and can only position it a person sq. absent in any course from your last go. But just about every merchandise/card will either be a scoring prospect or a penalty of some type.

This basic premise is deceptively addictive. There are four key “cards” to location: A probe, an asteroid (two varieties!) a mine or a pirate ship. Your work is to surround the asteroids with 4 probes to receive details (consequently the game’s name). Nonetheless, the pirates have other ideas and will disable any probes adjacent to them. This not only robs you of points, but can also be fatal: mines are subtle by bordering them with probes, and you can only have a few “live” kinds on the map at any time. This usually means an sick-put pirate, or just a string of undesirable luck with several mine playing cards can end your mission in a snap.

The goal is straightforward, attain the end of the “deck” though scoring as several points as you can alongside the way. At very first, the game feels discouraging, as if you are just at the whim of regardless of what playing cards are in the pile. And while this is genuine, you quickly study some methods to improve your prospects of acquiring to the conclude and racking up some factors to boot.

For me, the fun of the match is created right into that frustrating character. A lot of moments I was killed early on, which only stoked my drive to beat the activity and make it to the conclude. When you do, you uncover by yourself seeking to then defeat your own superior rating. As with Raid on TriCity, Asteroid Chasers can bear in mind your high scores providing the sport more time time period charm. There are also lots of achievements to unlock (the good news is, also remembered) which will reward you with distinct audio and other goodies giving this rather very simple match a lot a lot more longevity than it initially suggests.

Songbird Productions

If you have paid any consideration to Atari’s handheld or the Jaguar indie scene in the previous 20 several years, you’ll be common with Songbird Productions. Not only is it a preferred retailer of exceptional and homebrew game titles, its founder, Carl Forhan, is dependable for a number of Lynx titles becoming saved from obscurity by discovering unfinished IP and seeing them by to completion, along with some authentic titles of his very own.

A person this kind of title is CyberVirus, a first particular person area shooter. “In CyberVirus, I experienced to redo all the missions, redo the overall health and powerup program, and incorporate new attributes to the recreation which ended up not in the unique prototype.” Forhan told Engadget. I also take pleasure in the purity of these older, more compact devices in which you have to struggle for RAM and CPU cycles to do all the things. It is really a entertaining obstacle for my mind, I suppose.”

Cyber Virus – Missing Missions

Cyber Virus - The Lost Missions, new Atari Lynx game.

James Trew / Engadget

This new title, as the title suggests, is a adhere to-up to the original CyberVirus. The to start with edition was produced nearly 20 years ago and is one of the “unfinished” online games that Songbird rescued. It’s also a exceptional first-particular person/3D shooter on the Lynx. Shed Missions is a collection of concentrations that ended up also in the first, formulated at first by Outside of Online games, and offered to Atari as a demo back in 1993.

The 9 new missions see you choose on a common forged of robotic foes as you request to obtain your objective. This could be as simple as destroying some conversation towers, but the number of enemies shortly ramps up creating every single mission exponentially tougher. You have a range of weapons at your disposal and a semi-open 3D world to take a look at, not negative for a console released in 1989.

CV-TLM will charm to supporters of early to start with person shooters like Doom, but as a substitute of a intricate map you need to navigate open terrain. Thank’s to the game’s origins, the graphics and gameplay are a lot nearer to those people located in formal releases (provided that this almost was 1) in contrast to even some of the extra ambitious homebrew titles that have emerged since the Lynx’s commercial demise.

The final result is a enjoyment, frantic shooter that deserved to make it on to shelves again in the ’90s. Forhan’s presented the sport the following best thing in this launch which comes with a slick, shiny box and a physical cartridge that’s indistinguishable from the originals (many homebrew releases, which includes the higher than are 3D printed).


The catalog of official releases for the Lynx tends to skew towards arcade titles, puzzlers and racing video games. There’s a little little bit of everything for guaranteed, but journey video games and RPGs are frequently lacking. Unnamed is a welcome salve, then, for lovers of both of those people genres. While the sport is released by Songbird, it is the get the job done of Marcin Siwek who’s other Lynx title — Unseen — was a darkish, pick your very own journey design and style sport. Siwek’s next title is much a lot more immersive with your onscreen character absolutely free to shift all-around, locate items and address puzzles.

You awaken in a strange position with no memory of how you got there. Your job is to determine out why and how they find them selves in this odd planet. Along your journey you discover new rooms to examine and things to assistance you alongside the way. It is a traditional recipe, but just one that lends by itself especially effectively to the handheld structure.

Unnamed is refreshing, not just for its playstyle, but as a real indie sport (fairly than a rescued deserted title) it has a surprising amount of depth and atmosphere. In times of actively playing, I understood that this is a recreation that I would certainly want to “get into” and finish. As with Descharmes‘ titles, Unnamed options an EEPROM for saving development that means you can decide it up with no getting to start out from scratch each time.

The graphics are a great mix of lovable and sinister and the tunes strikes the perfect stability of ambiance with out staying a distraction. The worries and puzzles to be solved are pitched just at the correct amount and there’s a genuine feeling of wanting to know if you could have skipped anything — which may possibly seem frustrating, but I feel is the hallmark of a fantastic RPG.

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