The game accessibility capabilities that get the most focus are in a natural way the huge types, these as significant distinction modes, subtitles, and Xbox Adaptive Controller guidance. Tucked away in just most video games, nonetheless, are subtler options that are normally taken for granted. Not everyone is conscious that these basic alternatives are in reality accessibility functions in the initially position.

Accessibility 7 days

A gamer sitting in front of their PC and an Xbox Adaptive Controller

(Image credit history: Future)

This feature is portion of Laptop Gamer’s Accessibility Week, working from August 16, the place we are discovering accessible games, components, mods and a lot more. 

There are also many, many accessibility troubles that are disregarded, these kinds of as textual content size currently being below regular, blind accessibility not being tried, and surplus facts and litter leading to cognitive overload. The 5 functions we have highlighted here don’t tackle every single below-mentioned problem in games, but they do illustrate how seemingly insignificant configurations can make a significant big difference.