[ad_1] Major mod for Half-Life: Alyx, titled Half-Life: Incursion, is out now. Available to play through SteamVR, Half-Life: Incursion also has a launch trailer. Half-Life: Incursion puts players in the shoes of Half-Life: Alyx protagonist Alyx Vance once again, as she is caught on the wrong side of the Quarantine […]

[ad_1] Hyperviolent is a brutal retro FPS that attracts inspiration from 90’s classics as you look into an asteroid mining colony which is been ravaged by a mysterious an infection. In Hyperviolent you are a lone hero who has responded to a distress signal that originated from a mining colony […]

[ad_1] PlayStation VR is promising for extra innovative digital truth on consoles. Released in 2016, it’s presently one particular of the greatest-marketing VR headsets, partially thanks to the range of people who by now owned a PS4. Other headsets these as the Oculus Quest are highly-priced as-is, not including the […]