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Looking for Live A Live cheats on Switch? Here we’ll list Live A Live cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Square Enix’s HD-2D Remastered Turn-based Tactical RPG game of the Japanese SNES original.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Live A Live codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the Nintendo Switch-exclusive version (where available).

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Live A Live Cheats List

Live A Live Endings Guide

The Wild West Chapter Endings:

Unlockable How To Unlock
True Ending On The Wild West Chapter, after defeating O.Dio, you will fight Mad Dog on a 1v1 for the final but easy fight. But this time, you have the option to run and if done successfully, Mad Dog will walk away and you battle him again after the Ending Credits, this time sparing his life.

Final Chapter Endings:

After you complete the Medieval Chapter, you can select from each of the main characters to lead the group into the Final Chapter. Who you select and what you do after the final boss determines which ending you get.

Unlockable How To Unlock
Good Ending Do not play as Oersted. After defeating the final boss, spare him.
Never Ending Do not play as Oersted. After defeating the final boss, do not spare him.
Sad Ending Select Oersted as your character.

Live A Live Prehistory Chapter Secrets

Both of these require you to see the scene with Gori and the female monkeys, and getting him back in your party at the Kuu Tribe caves. Both secrets are located in the field where Gori and Pogo were first exiled to before.

Unlockable How To Unlock
King Mammoth To find this tough boss, look for him on the field. Sniffing may show a running mammoth instead of a deer. Win to get the KingFang.
Rock There’s a rock that looks like a face near the upper right cave. Press A on it ONLY!! 100 times, then a cave opens. Offer a bone to the tablet inside.


Live A Live – Defeating King Mammoth battle in Pogo’s Prehistoric Chapter & Cola Bottle rare drop! – Nintendo Switch

Live A Live Present Day Chapter Unlockable Technique

Normally you would have to level up Masaru to level 16 to get this extra Daigekido Technique, but in the Final Chapter, but you CAN get it early!

Unlockable How To Unlock
Daigekido Technique Fight Jackie Yowkeya. Bring down his HP, use Armlock and C.H. Hold on him (optional but it helps) and stand 1-2 squares away. Eventually he’ll use it.

Live A Live Tips and Tricks

Take a look at the different chapter / character introductions, as well as the opening moments of the game’s Prehistory Chapter.


Live A Live – Nintendo Switch Prehistory chapter gameplay

Find out how to trigger some funny moments like farts in various Chapters, as well as how stealth work in Japan with an invisibility cloak and how the Present Day chapter is basically a Turn-Based Street Fighter.


5 Fun & Funny Moments in Live A Live


These are all Live A Live cheats on Switch found so far. Until more are discovered in the remaster, we made the handy Live A Live guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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