Many people ask how to backup Xbox games so they can have a spare just in case their copy of the game gets in severe shape or if they lost it somewhere in the jungle that they call a bedroom. It is actually quite easy to make such a backup and such games are relatively much easier because unlike the blu-ray technology that the PlayStation 3 utilizes, the Xbox still uses DVD’s for their games. Almost every computer comes with a DVD burner so all it takes are a few more materials and the job is done.

These are the materials needed: the computer with the burner, a blank DVD-9 and a burning software.

How to backup Xbox games with these, one might ask. It is quite simple with a soft click of a button. Run the burning software and it will prompt you to insert the original game into DVD drive. When this is done the software will run on its own and make a virtual copy of the game. This may take some time depending on the size of the game’s data. When completed the software will prompt you to remove and replace the game disc with the blank DVD-9. Then it will commence the process to burn the virtual data onto the blank disc. This again will take some time. When accomplished, the gamer now has a backup.

There are other guides and software on how to backup Xbox games but anyone can use this method given they have the original copy to begin with. Some burning software requires gamers to punch in a code before it will allow any DVD writing to begin. This ensures that the gamer had an original copy and that they are not burning an illegal copy.

When someone walks up to you and asks how to backup Xbox games, you can now give a more definite answer. Just make sure the original is around to keep things legal.

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