Incursion is Out Now With a Launch Trailer


Half-Life: Incursion

Major mod for Half-Life: Alyx, titled Half-Life: Incursion, is out now. Available to play through SteamVR, Half-Life: Incursion also has a launch trailer.

Half-Life: Incursion puts players in the shoes of Half-Life: Alyx protagonist Alyx Vance once again, as she is caught on the wrong side of the Quarantine Zone. Much like Half-Life: Alyx, players will have to make use of Vance’s wits, combat prowess, and support from Russel to make it back to City 17.

Half-Life: Incursion seems to be a more combat-centric take on the base game, presenting intense combat and stealth challenges for players to overcome.

Mod tools for Half-Life: Alyx were released shortly after the game’s release back in 2020. The mod tools, along with support for Steam Workshop, means that creators can create and distribute mods for Half-Life: Alyx quite easily.

Rumours from earlier this year also point to Half-Life: Alyx coming to PSVR2 when the headset launches. Prominent PlayStation leaker and XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker has stated that he believes that Alyx will make its way to the PlayStation 5’s VR headset as both Valve and Sony have already signed a deal to make it happen.

Half-Life: Alyx, and by extension, Half-Life: Incursion, is available on SteamVR, and any headset that can plug into a PC is supported, including the Meta Quest 2 through a link cable.


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