Multiversus PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Earlier in the year, fighting game tournament EVO, game engine maker Epic Games, and platform holder Sony all confirmed that they’re collaborating on an issue regarding input latency with the Unreal Engine on the PS5. It’s all been a bit awkward for PlayStation: while it’s marketing its PS5 console as an esports machine, it’s often posted the worst response times in competitive fighting games.

Well, the good news is that early analysis of Unreal Engine fighter MultiVersus is extremely positive. The native PS5 version has the fastest response time at 1080p across all consoles, suggesting that the aforementioned trio may have happened upon a fix. In fact, at just 31.47 milliseconds, the PS5’s response time is around about two frames – minuscule stuff.

Now this is important because professional players rely on rapid response times, and as Sony is a co-owner of the EVO championships, it ultimately wants players to be competing on its consoles. We’ll obviously need to await further analysis and more examples to declare this issue officially “fixed” – but these are reassuring results, without a doubt.


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