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Mobile phone games are fun, not to mention that they are easily accessible as well. If you are a fan of the Marvel-verse and the superheroes, the chances are that you know about Marvel Strike Force. The game is available for Android and iOS and features the leading characters like Captain America, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, etc.

Throughout the game, the players have the autonomy to collect their favorite heroes and villains along the way. However, one needs to have an idea of the importance of each character and the kind of importance they have in the game.

This Marvel Strike Force Tier list should give you a better idea about the characters and makes it easier for you to decide which characters are worth investing your time on. Doing some will enable you to create a better squad in the game and get higher rankings.

Marvel Strike Force – Overview

Marvel Strike Force is a mobile game developed by FoxNext Games and Marvel. The game is available for Android and iOS and was released on March 28, 2018. Since then, this RPG game has gained immense popularity among gaming enthusiasts.

The game involves varying modes and strategic gameplay experiences in the PvE mode. With each progressive level, the players win more prizes and make the most out of the experience.

Winning each level in the game enables the players to win their respective “experience points (XP) that contribute to special powers to the player. The players can leverage this unique power to attack or defend themselves in the game.

Another unique feature of this game is the guild system. Under this, the players can rightfully team up with friends or even online strangers to complete the levels by building teams.

Marvel Strike Force Tier List (2022)

If you are entirely new to the concept and don’t know much about the tier list, let us clarify that first. A tier list is a ranking list of the game’s different characters or even items.

The Marvel Strike Force Tier List involves ranking the individual superheroes and villains (and even items) in the game from the best to the worst. Having an idea about the same allows you to pick the correct characters for your team and go for the big win.

This Marvel Strike Force Tier List goes from SS tier to D tier. The SS tier is the best, and the D tier is the worst on the list. But, how are these rankings concluded? They are based on:

  • Character synergy
  • Character ability
  • Stats of the character
  • Credibility and so much more

We will further clarify the class tyles of the villains and heroes in the game in the next section of the article.

Marvel Strike Force Tier List Class and Their Meaning

Each and every single hero and villain in the Marvel Strike Force have dedicated class types. These involve a few categories, including:

Controller – involves the heroes that have the power to disable their opponents using their characteristic powers for multiple turns.

Protector – involves the game’s characters that prioritize applying defense on self and even eliminating the adverse effects.

Brawlers – the heroes that apply bleed on their opponent or enemy to prevent them from acquiring and storing energy to fight back.

Support – involves the heroes blessed with the power to heal and buff their allies and eliminate the harmful impacts.

Blaster – involves the characters with varying powers to deal with the damage inflicted on multiple enemies at a time.

Next up, we will walk you through the individual tier list and the kind of characters involved in the equation.

Marvel Strike Force SS Tier List (2022)

As we mentioned, the S-tier is the best in the list and includes the most powerful heroes and villains in the entirety of the Marvel Strike Force game. If you can, adding any character from this list can improve your team’s quality and give you an upper hand to take down the enemy in question.

Name Origin Class
Doctor Doom Tech Villain
Echo Skill Hero
Ghost Tech Villain
Moondragon Skill Hero
Omega Red Mutant Villain
Kestrel Skill/Tech Hero
Domino Mutant Hero
Ikaris Mystic Hero
Sersi Mystic Hero
Black Bolt Bio Hero
Ultron Tech Villain
Phoenix Mutant Hero
Hela Mystic Villain
Taskmaster Mercenary Villain
Magneto Mutant Villain
Symbiote Spiderman Bio Hero
Invisible Woman Bio Hero
Captain Marvel Bio Hero
Nick Fury Skill Hero
Yo-Yo Bio Hero
Ebony Maw Mystic Villain
Scientist Supreme Tech Villain
Shuri Tech Hero
Minn-Erva Tech Villain

Marvel Strike Force S Tier List (2022)

Following in second in the ranking is the S-tier, which includes amazing characters that can assault their enemy and contribute to healing the allies.

Name Origin Class
Crystal Bio Hero
Scream Bio Villain
Silver Samurai Mutant Villain
Rocket Raccoon Tech Hero
Colleen Wing Skill Hero
Yelena Belova Skill Hero
Lady Deathstrike Tech Villain
Negasonic Mutant Hero
Swarm Bio Villain
White Tiger Mystic Hero
Silver Surfer Mystic Hero
Red Guardian Skill Hero
Emma Frost Mutant Villain
Anti-Venom Bio Hero
Moon Knight Mystic Hero
Sharon Carter Skill Hero
Bishop Mutant Hero
Phyla Vell Bio Hero
Falcon Tech Hero
Human Torch Bio Hero
Rocket Tech Hero
Pyro Mutant Villain
War Machine Tech Hero
Iron Man Tech Hero
Vision Tech Hero
Proxima Midnight Skill Villain
Star Lord Tech Hero
Black Widow Skill Hero
Jessica Jones Bio Hero
Venom Bio Villain
Loki Mystic Villain
Quake Bio Hero
Agent Coulson Tech Hero
Ghost Rider Mystic Hero
Graviton Bio Villain
Ms. Marvel Bio Hero
Carnage Bio Villain
Corvus Gaive Skill Villain
Black Panther Mystic Hero
Deadpool Mutant Hero
The Thing Bio Hero
Captain America Bio Hero
Thanos Mystic Villain
Mister Sinister Mutant Villain
Cull Obsidian Bio Villain

Marve Strike Force A Tier List (2022)

The A-tier is where you have the mediocre-performing and powerful characters in the game. They aren’t the most powerful but they do have some autonomous abilities that set them apart.

Name Origin Class
Multiple man Mutant Hero
Iceman Mutant Hero
She-hulk Bio Hero
Polaris Mutant Hero
Yellowjacket Tech Villain
Doctor Octopus Tech Villain
Baron Zemo Skill Villain
Longshot Mutant Hero
Adam Warlock Mystic Hero
Captain America (Sam Wilson) Skill Hero
Stature Bio Hero
Ghost-spider Bio Hero
Killmonger Skill Villain
Thor Mystic Hero
Cyclops Mutant Hero
Punisher Skill Hero
Ironheart Tech Hero
Shocker Tech Villain
Korath Tech Villain
Green Goblin Bio Villain
Ronan Mystic Villain
Elsa Bloodstone Mystic Hero
Toad Mutant Villain
Hawkeye Skill Hero
Mister Fantastic Bio Hero
Scarlet Witch Mystic Hero
Mordo Mystic Villain
Karnak Skill Hero
Spiderman Bio Hero
Spiderman (Miles Morales) Bio Hero
Psylocke Mutant Hero
Vulture Tech Villain
Drax Bio Hero
Ultimus Mystic Villain
Kingpin Skill Villain
Sif Skill Hero
Groot Bio Hero
Doctor Strange Mystic Hero
Mercenary Riot Grand Skill Villain
Hand Sentry Mystic Villain
Mercenary Lieutenant Tech Villain

Marvel Strike Force B Tier List (2022)

The B-tier list includes the list of characters that perform above average throughout the game. There are certain flaws to them but they have unique traits to them as well.

Name Origin Class
Wasp Tech Hero
Ant-man Tech Hero
Hulk Bio Hero
Red Skull Bio Villain
A.I.M Assaulter Tech Villain
Daredevil Bio Hero
Luke Cage Bio Hero
Rhino Bio Villain
Gamora Skill Hero
Mantis Bio Hero
Okoye Skill Hero
SHIELD Operative Skill Hero
SHIELD Trooper Skill Hero
Hydra Scientist Skill Villain
America Chavez Mystic Hero
Yondu Mystic Villain
Juggernaut Mystic Villain
Iron Fist Mystic Hero
Heimdall Mystic Hero
Mystique Mutant Villain
Sabretooth Mutant Villain
Stryfe Mutant Villain
Colossus Mutant Hero
Cable Mutant Hero
Blob Mutant Villain
Storm Mutant Hero
Wolverine Mutant Hero
Maria Hill Skill Hero
Misty Knight Tech Hero
Shatterstar Mutant Hero
Kitty Pryde Mutant Hero
Squirrel Girl Bio Hero
Jubilee Mutant Hero
Beast Mutant Hero

Marvel Strike Force C Tier List (2022)

This includes the list of less powerful characters that won’t stand against your enemies or be proactive in defence as well. However, they can help out in certain challenging instances during the war.

Name Origin Class
Crossbones Tech Villain
Kree Cyborg Tech Villain
Nebula Tech Villain
Mysterio Tech Villain
Rescue Tech Hero
AIM Security Tech Villain
Kree Oracle Tech Villain
Hydra Grenadier Tech Villain
Hydra Sniper Tech Villain
Winter Soldier Bio Villain
Kree Reaper Bio Villain
AIM Monstrosity Bio Villain
Bullseye Skill Villain
Night Nurse Skill Hero
AIM Infector Bio Villain
SHIELD Assault Skill Hero
AIM Researcher Skill Villain
Nobu Mystic Villain
Elektra Mystic Villain
M’Baku Mystic Hero
Hand Sorceress Mystic Villain
Namor Mutant Villain
X-23 Mutant Hero
Electro Bio Villain

Marvel Strike Force D Tier List (2022)

If we had to regard one of the weakest characters, they fall under D-tier. You will get the genetic traits and characters under this.

Name Origin Class
Mercenary Sniper Tech Villain
Hydra Armored Guard Tech Villain
Ravager Boomer Tech Villain
Hydra Rifle Trooper Tech Villain
Ravager Stitcher Tech Villain
Kree Noble Bio Villain
Kree Royal Guard Bio Villain
Ravager Bruiser Bio Villain
Hand Archer Skill Villain


If you are new to playing the Marvel Strike Force game on your smartphone and want to excel, keeping this tier list handy will help you out. Just ensure that your target is to acquire the characters in the higher tier and forego the ones in the lower tier as we have explained.

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