In Lost Ark, there are many unique islands and regions on the planet map that you can explore. On these unique islands, there are numerous collectibles that you can collect and get rewards in return. In one particular of individuals collectibles, there is just one merchandise that you can acquire Mokoko Seed. The Mokoko seeds are spread all around the world map and you can come across them in bushes, dungeons, and so forth. There are additional than 1200 Mokoko Seeds in full unfold out in Missing Ark for you to acquire.

In this guide, we tell you the Mokoko Seeds that you can obtain in the Candaria Territory in the new region of South Vern.

Mokoko Seeds

There is a total of 13 Mokoko Seeds that you can obtain in the Candaria Territory. All the Mokoko Seeds spots are proven in the impression under.

Mokoko Seeds

You can uncover these Mokoko Seeds simply but for some Mokoko seeds, you need to have the Hymn of the Sunlight. You also will need 350 Wisdom in the North and 350 Charisma in the Southeast. The Hymn of the Sunlight is necessary to eliminate the rocks that are blocking you from acquiring the Mokoko Seed. A pair of them are also demanded to be found underneath the effect of the Kandarian Chilly Lagger.

  • You have to have 350 Knowledge Advantage to enter the house to get the seed.
  • Close to the 1st place, it’ll be by the pillars.
  • Besides the tree. Use the Hymn of the Sunshine to take away the rock and get the seed
  • Teleport to Collapsed Ancient Ruins and you’ll find the rock, Use the Hymn of the Sun to take out the rock and get the seed.
  • It is also in the Collapsed Ancient Ruins but you require to be below the influence of Kandarian Chilly Lagger.
  • Teleport to Woodville Village, the seed will be guiding the stairs on the Encavia Street.
  • At the end of the bridge concealed in the bush.
  • In the Woodville Village, you have to have to be under the influence of Kandarian Chilly Lagger.
  • In the Woodville Village, in an open up library.
  • In the Woodville Village, right below the tree just before the Ancient Drop.
  • Go to Historic Tumble and you’ll locate a rock, use the Hymn of the Sunshine to get the seed.
  • Ideal at the rear of the rock, there’ll be a waterfall. You require 350 Charisma in order to get the seed.
  • In Historical Tumble, you’ll come across a rock, and in get to get the seed, use the Hymn of the Sunshine.

These were all the 13 Mokoko Seeds in the Candarian Territory.

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