Some are fired up to engage in Gotham Knights because it is a massive new superhero recreation, or mainly because it is basically a Batman match, but other individuals just want to see Dick Grayson’s base for 20+ hrs – and are dissatisfied with the recent Gotham Knights Nightwing ass sizing. Having said that, developer WB Montreal suggests it is “comfortable” with his derrière the way it is… for now.

The new Gotham Knights gameplay trailer showcasing Pink Hood and Nightwing in action experienced a little bit of a mixed response. Whilst a number of lovers praised the RPG match type it is, some others bemoaned how distinct the battle looks compared to the Arkham collection. Having said that, a person matter that seems apparent is that it appears like the staff has flattened Nightwing’s butt – which the net has a bit of an obsession about.

In a problem and remedy session on the official Discord, sport director Geoff Ellenor was requested about the team’s designs to perhaps grow the cake in issue. Apparently, Geoff gets DM’ed about this a lot – but has negative news for anyone hoping for a cheek expansion with the former Robin.

“We are currently comfortable with the size of Nightwing’s posterior,” the director confirms.” There is hope, however, as Ellenor adds that “I can’t promise that we won’t revisit this issue again someday.”

Gotham Knights will release this Halloween, and it will have two-player co-op across the whole story campaign – so more than one person can check out Dick Grayson’s tush.


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