Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement and we can celebrate it with the Yom Kippur Party Games to stir in happiness. This day is celebrated by all the Jews throughout the world. This day is celebrated to ask forgiveness for the sins. As a customary, a good part of the day is spent praying. On this special day Yom Kippur Party Games will be a source of fun and happiness for everyone.

What Is In The Sack?

In this Yom Kippur Party Game, you are going to put different things in a sack. Now you need to ask the kids to identify the things one by one by feeling the objects that you have in the sack. It would be good if you have a list of things written down while you are placing the things inside the sack, as well as write the things down as the children are identifying them so you have a list to cross check the answers. The kids with the most correct answers are going to win a prize and everyone is really going to enjoy the game.

Catch The Ball

This is a very simple Yom Kippur Party Game. To start this game, the kids are asked to stand in two rows facing each other with a six step distance between them. Then on your command, the children facing each other are going to throw balls to the kid in front of them and will catch the ball with both hands. The kids who are going to drop the ball are going to be out of the game. Arrange the kids again and now change the command in which they are going to put the left hand behind and are going to catch the ball with the right hand. Through this process of elimination with change in commands, there will be only one child who is going to be the winner at the end.

The Yom Kippur Party Games are going to be fun for the kids and everyone is going to enjoy the game including the kids and adults both. Happy Yom Kippur Day.

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