There are many great games out there. I don’t mean the latest and greatest games, but those games which you keep returning to! One of those games is Age of Empires. Let us look at this great game.

Many games, you buy. And they are great. You have great game play for a period of time, but then you look for other games. What has made Age of Empires unique, is that it truly is a game that gammers keep returning to.

We see that age of empires has all different versions. These versions are upgrades, but they each have there own place in game play. For example, look at Age of Empires – Age of Mythology, and what you find is that it is slightly different than Age of Empires – The Age of Kings.

What makes this strategy game so appealing is the depth of research gone into the program. Take a look at the game and you find that it has been researched to the point that you can understand a lot about life at those times.

Take for example, starting a village in Age of Empires – The Age of Kings. What do you find? You find you have to forage for food, and start with basics, this then develops as technology improves.

The game play then shows how life used to be back then. Listen to the different people in different countries, and you find that it is the actual language. The Japanese speak actual Japanese in the game.

The game comes from Microsoft, and it was one of the first games they dabbled in. Support for the game has been so immense, that we find that they have brought different versions over the years.

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