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Hello! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here!

We get started with another two Selfdefiant‘s state escapes and then get trapped by Omura in their dwelling room. Slimomo returns with the first chapter of a large escape – Pam’s spouse and children goes camping and won’t be able to go away their home mainly because Pam with close friends stayed locked up in the garage. Ideally one more part of the story will arrive soon. From the 2022 Flash Forward Jam we have obtained an adventure of a hotdog by PsychoGoldfish and Polliwopple.

This we have received two puzzlescript puzzlers, by Neonesque and by holymahogany.

Have a good time and appreciate!

Recognize, that Weekday Puzzle will not be posted tomorrow – puzzle video games are in this Weekday Escape.

In a desert in Nevada you have to have to get some silver to improve it for a mule – no other usually means of vacation is out there – and the good thing is, you are close by a deep gaping hole. Probably it truly is an old mine…to uncover out, you have to examine the hole. New Hampshire is apparently one particular of the states where dolar bills lie close to unfastened and to get 3 dollars isn’t really a large deal. It’s just a commencing – to leave the condition, a large fish is required.
The cursor just isn’t altering, autosave, 1 ending.

room with pets.png

In Omura‘s 3D room you have to have to find a tiny canine, a toy rabbit and a parrot and put them on pedestals, and then you get a vital from the door leading out. Quie a brief activity.
The cursor is not transforming, no conserve option, one ending.

pam1.png pam2.png

The first chapter of Pam’s Amazing Escape by slimomo is – as their preceding online games – artistic and poetic, and could be (for appear players) a little bit chaotic. The puzzles, even though, are logic and intuitive and clues apparent, you just want to get employed to the game’s fashion. Your intention is to open up the garage gate considering the fact that Pam with two buddies are imprisoned inside of – it is appropriate just before a family members journey and appears that Pam’s dad and mom have a thing to do with the instantly slammed gate…
The cursor is just not shifting, no help you save option, one particular ending.

P.S. The earlier slimomo’s video games you locate in WE N°301 and WE N°308.


Point’n’click journey by PsychoGoldfish and Polliwopple was built in Adobe Flash as a section of the 2022 Flash Forward Jam (that is why the match masses in Ruffle). You can play it quickly in your browser, just if the game crashes refresh the site and due to the fact the recreation has autosave, you really should be able to get to the level the place you had been.
The sport tells a tale of a hotdog and his journey to satisfy his goals and escape the motion picture theatre. Everyday living of popcorn beans, tacos and gummi bears is challenging in theatres and odd and dark points are taking place down by the ground. Certainly, there is a good deal of pleasurable, as well. It truly is a darkish enjoyable, primarily.
The cursor is just not altering, autosave, a person ending. Immediately after you complete, you can return to the recreation and get additional achievments.

sokobi.pngFrom all Sokoban-like puzzlers the Neonesque’s one “provides the elementary however deep logic of Sokoban by means of workable amounts that can be enjoyed bv any puzzle supporters” in the dev’s words. Fulfilling.
Managed by WASD/Arrow keys, R to restart a stage, Z to undo. Autosave.

blocks.pngPuzzler by holymahogany (Peter Smyth) is a Sokoban-like game also. Your objective is to put your kid’s blocks away but it can be not that quick. You ought to not block their watch of the Television set!
Managed by WASD/Arrow keys, R to restart a level, Z to undo. Autosave.

We adore escape games, and our readers like talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Allow us know what you assume, check with for clues, or assistance out other players in the remarks underneath.


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