Hey, you! Want an absolutely massive SSD? For, you know, keeping all your games installed at once? Or downloading the entire internet, four terabytes at a time? Well, the Crucial MX500, an SSD which received the RPS seal of approval, has reached a new low price on Amazon UK. Having previously retailed for around £310 to £340, it’s now been reduced to £284.50, a healthy 10% reduction.

That’s cheap enough that you just might consider it instead of a 4TB hard drive, as the SSD costs about four times as much but is also about four times faster – not to mention much more resistant to damage, silent and an order of magnitude quicker to access. I recently swapped out my ailing 3TB HDD for a 4TB SATA SSD, and the difference in usability and noise is astounding – no longer does my computer audibly creak into life when I try to change my wallpaper or virtually insert a Linux ISO file. Copying over video files or game install directories is a matter of seconds, not minutes or hours, and in general there’s far less friction between intention and action.

Looking at other 4TB internal SSDs on Amazon, the MX500 is the cheapest by a healthy margin – even beating out the likes of the Samsung 870 Qvo, a drive that uses slower QLC NAND flash with less endurance than the TLC in the MX500. The only cheaper option I can find is the Crucial X6, a 4TB portable SSD that operates at similar speeds – up to 800MB/s reads – but is slowed down somewhat by its USB connection. It’s retailing for £252 after a 41% discount, so if you could use the portability it’s not a bad shout really!

So – couple of good massive SSDs for you there. For more recommendations, take a look at our compendium of the best gaming SSDs!


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