A Baptism can be held for anyone of any age, though usually we associate the Baptism party games with children who are entering their parent’s church. However, since the age can be varied here are a couple of Baptism Party Games the kids and adults can take part in.

Feel the Rhythm:

Get everyone involved in the Baptism party games with this rhythmic and humorous game. As the name implies you go about hand clapping to get the player to do an activity that the rest of the baptism party games group has chosen for them to do by indicating it with slower or faster clapping.

Send a person out of the room and while this person is gone, get the Baptism party group together and you should all decide on something for the ‘it’ person to do. The task can be anything, as simple as making a face or as involved as giving everyone a drink of water. When you’ve decided what the person will do have him or her return to the Baptism party game. No one can talk to the player to give him or her hints. Everyone at the Baptism party games must clap their hands in unison to indicate how close the player is to discovering the task that needs doing.

Faith Run:

This Baptism party game has to be played outside or else in a very large room like a gym and you’ll make sure that everyone at the Baptism will take a turn. It’s a little daunting at first playing this game, but you’ll find that it’s actually quite freeing. Gather together a large group for this game so that each of the players can run a good length of time. The purpose of the game? Letting people experience the trust and faith that if they run through two rows of people blindfolded those people will outstretch their hands and keep the runner on a safe course. Have the group form the two rows and have someone taller and heavier stand at the end of the rows with his or her arms outstretched to catch the runner and stop him or her.

These two games will get everyone into a good mood for the rest of the Baptism party games festivities or you can just use one game to break the ice and move on to celebrating after the Baptism.

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