Everybody who is in the PSX, XBOX 360 loop might have heard about Game Copy Wizard.

For those of you who haven’t here is a list of what it does and how it goes about it.

All said and done the million dollar question in everybody’s mind is that does this work? Does it actually let you burn bootable backup copies of games onto disks? I have reviewed the software and gone through everything that it offers and finally have an answer.


Download and installation was a breeze. The download is small and installation is quick. There is no issue here.


The interface of the software is simplistic. Looks like a normal DVD creation software. For my first test I selected my PS2 slim. I had a copy of God Of War 2. Also I should mention that I do not have any modchip or softmods installed. Ripping from the DVD onto pc was a breeze. Then I inserted a DVD-R into my recorder and copied the image onto the disk. This process looked overly simple and I was skeptical. Soon my doubts were erased when I inserted the disk into my PS2 and it booted to the game without any hitch!!


I also happen to own a PS3 and happen to be one of the few lucky people on the planet to own a Blue Ray burner. This was surely my next step.

Ripped my blue ray disk of GTA 4. Put in a new sony blue ray disk, pressed BURN! the process took about 15 minutes and out was my brand new backup copy of GTA!! This too worked seamlessly! without a single hitch!!

About XBOX 360, burnt a copy of PGR 3 onto a new disk and tried it out on my friends console. Worked PERFECTLY!! I guess all this means good news to all console lovers. There is FINALLY a solution to copy all console games in one software package without the need for mods or disk swapping methods!

Final Verdict:

The software WORKS perfectly and scores a 4.5/5.In terms of functionality it works very well. Only wish the interface was a little better but then I guess simplicity IS the motto of this software. Definitely a MUST download for all console lovers!

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