Skyrim has previously obtained plenty of editions and upgrades, but this new Computer mod will seemingly long run evidence the activity for a excellent couple of several years. A 16K texture mod uploaded by Nexus Mods person xilamonstrr guarantees that players can see each individual scale and scar on the game’s dragons.

Though this could possibly appear to be too much, the website page features a relatively affordable clarification as to why 16k may be a useful addition in a time when most game titles are nonetheless sticking with 1440p. Essentially, the dragons in Skyrim are way greater than any other enemy in the activity, this means their skins are stretched out much additional than a usual enemy.

Skyrim: 16K Dragon Mod by xilamonstrr

“I would endorse that you assume of this as two 8K data files next to each other”, xilamonstrr mentioned in the submit. “With 16K, a dragon wing is 7380 x 4020 pixels, a head is 3320 x 2480 pixels, and the total rear body and legs is only 6080 x 4580 pixels. If you are fighting a dragon up shut and want to see it in 4K resolution, then you will need the dragon to be in 16K.”

The publish also capabilities a handful of screenshots (earlier mentioned) from the up to date dragons that do seem fairly great, so players with large close PCs may well want to think about adding this mod to their assortment if they’re even now roaming about Skyrim extra than a ten years right after it was introduced.

There isn’t an substitute, of system, as the Elder Scrolls VI is probable however decades absent. Director Todd Howard revealed previous yr that Bethesda’s new room RPG Starfield had taken priority in excess of the Skyrim sequel and this was recently delayed until eventually following calendar year as well.

Graphic Credit: xilamonstrr on Nexus Mods

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