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The manager of Bayern Munich said during the post-match conference after a bout with Barca that he believes that Sadio Mane requires some time to adapt to Bayern’s system and infrastructure. The current form of the Senegalese forward is underwhelming, but the track record indicates that he is an excellent striker and struggles with fitting in with the new squad.

A sound victory, a bitter aftertaste

The Bundesliga representative was victorious over Barcelona during the match in the Champions League played out on Tuesday. However, for Sadio Mane it was a very saddening outing. Julian Nagelsmann decided to substitute the striker in the 70th minute of the game. The look on Mane’s face was quite telling as he was walking toward the bench with visible disappointment in his performance.

During his period at Liverpool, the player managed to achieve impressive results and scored 90 goals in 196 appearances. His all-around robust technique and the ability to fulfill different roles on the field depending on the situation made him an essential part of Liverpool’s squad. However, he was transferred for £35 million to Bayern Munich which was a sizeable acquisition for the club.

The player scored several times during his first games with the Bundesliga club, but August and September were very unlucky for him. Going goalless in 3 domestic games and shooting two wide blanks during his appearance in the Champions League did not help the self-esteem of the player and the current dark mood of fans many of whom believe that the signing was a waste of money.

Unsubstantiated criticism aside, a £35 million price is dirt cheap for a player of Mane’s caliber. Nagelsmann’s confidence that the player will adapt is another indicator that Sadio Mane is still trying to adapt.

Dietmar Hamann believes that Mane is unhappy

Didi Hamann voiced his opinion about the current situation Mane found himself in. The player was in the “wrong position in the center”, according to Hamann. He also added that Sadio Mane fulfills the same role in Bayern and does not look happy.

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