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For decades, the Playstation has been the ultimate console for gamers. In 2020, Sony released the latest installment of the console: the PlayStation 5. Upgrades usually generate a lot of positive reviews, and the PS5 (PlayStation 5 — for the uninitiated) has not been different. You can access reviews on products on allreviews. 


Newbies in the game world would naturally opt for the upgrade. Seasoned gamers form such a bond with their consoles that change might not be very appealing. Many gamers are now in a dilemma: to discard the PS4 or upgrade to PS5. 


Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, this article is for you. This article will look at some essential things you need to know about PS4 and PS5 before taking that big step. The PS5 is available in online stores. On allreviews, you can learn how to shop online.


  1. Specs


The game specifications are, of course, the first thing any gamer checks. Let us look compare some specifications in PS5 and PS5:



It may seem shocking at first when you realize that the PS4 (1TB HDD) has 175MB more space than the PS5 (with its 825MB SDD). However, this doesn’t affect PS5’s gameplay or load speed. The transition from HDD to SSD is a welcome development. The SSD is custom-made for the PS5 console, and it has a raw read bandwidth of 5.5GB/s. 


While the PS5 has less storage capacity, the games would also have smaller sizes, and the disparity in terms of capacity may not be so evident. But storage capacity is an important spec, and the PS5 storage may fill up. However, you can upgrade the capacity with off-the-shelf parts when this happens. 



Games are built to be immersive, and high-quality graphical output is integral to achieving that goal. 


The PS5 supports 4K at 120Hz and 8K, although the refresh rate depends on HDMI 2.1. Sony’s inclusion of HDMI 2.1 is futuristic, as most TV displays don’t even have that enabled yet. Compared to the PS5, the PS4 and PS4 Pro can only output at 1080p and 4K, respectively. While the PS5 console is capable of 8K displays, 4K is all the rave now, so you may not likely enjoy the full benefit of this feature instantly. 


iii. Controllers


Still, in the quest to make games more immersive, the PS5 features a different game controller. The PS5 is enabled with DualSense. Unlike the PS4’s DualShock, the DualSense controller of the PS5 will offer varying tension levels depending on the action you take while gaming. For instance, the tension of control will be less when you are swishing with a sword on God of War than when you are using an AK47 in Call of Duty. 


  1. Games


The PS4 has lots of games. Even better, some of the new releases for PS5 may be temporarily available on PS4 too, but not for long. At some point, you will only be able to play those games on PS5. Because of backward compatibility on PS5, you will be able to play both PS4 games and all of the new PS5 games. 


  1. Price


Price varies depending on your store. A PlayStation 4 (1 TB) would cost $299.99 and a PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) goes for $399.99. The PS5 console, on the other hand, costs $499.99 for the Standard Edition and $399.99 for the Digital Edition. 




If you already have a PS4, it is a bigger dilemma, but if you are planning on buying a console for the first time, then a PS5 is the better choice. You would have to decide between cutting costs and maximizing gameplay. Beyond its superior quality, the PS5 is also a better investment. Some of its features may not even be used to its full potential until the end of its cycle. So think the long-term!