If you feel tired of playing tiny handheld game, you should try Nintendo DSi Xl portable games console. Nintendo, widely recognized as the pioneer in mobile gaming, has released its latest variant of popular DSi (released between 2008 and 2009). DSi XL, as it is called, is the seventh-generation console of Nintendo DS in a larger size. This portable console is certainly Nintendo’s response to the increasingly popular PlayStation Portable.

This device, a supremely well designed one, comes with 4.2 inch display (bigger than the regular DSi). Not only is the size, Nintendo also improves the screen quality of DSi XL. It now delivers more stunning and dramatic color, enables you to have a better gaming experience. So, if you prefer a larger screen than portability, this one is certainly your best shoot.

When you hold it by your hand, you will feel that DSi has more solid design compared to the DSi or DS Lite.It has all-around matte finish with the glossy top and smooth surface. The bottom, in the other hand, feels slightly grainy (just like what you will find in a printer). Other than those differences, the rest are identical (the buttons, charging ports, switches, etc) with the DSi.

You can play fast-paced games easier and quicker compared to DS, due to larger images and fatter buttons. For instances, DSi XL is equipped by the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi with enhanced security (WPA). Now you can use any hotspot area to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Nintendo’s wireless gaming network). There you can download various demo versions of Nintendo DS and DSi games.

In addition to the various titles available in the market, the DSi XL comes with included unique features such as Brain Age Express (Math and Arts & Letter) and Photo Clock. The Brain Express – Math will help introduce various math problems in an entertaining game, while Brain Express – Arts & Letters will introduces alphabet. These two mini-games are especially useful for your kids. The Photo Clock, in the other hand, allows you to enjoy photos (taken from the built-in Nintendo DSi camera) in a new clock-like display.

You can find improved audio capability thanks to this unit’s larger speakers. While the former edition of DS had two slits for the right and left speakers, DSi XL has seven holes on each side to give a somewhat like surround type sound. Moreover, with the helps from DSi Sound application, you can play with your music while listening to it. It’s a pretty interesting ability from a portable console. You can edit your songs by modifying different audio filters, pitch and speed and its tempo. You can find the DSi XL microphone located between the two screens. There is also a stereo output which allows users to listen to songs saved in the SD card, even if the screen is shut.

All in all, unlike what some reviewers said, Nintendo DSi XL is still a portable device that can easily be carried around in your purse, bag, or backpack on your way to work. With the additional features, it is definitely a nice little thing to keep yourself entertained no matter where you are.

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