New PlayStation Plus Release Dates Announced, And It’s Very Soon

Sony has announced release dates for the new version of PlayStation Plus, and it’ll be here soon. In a blog post, Sony said the new PlayStation Plus will debut in Asian markets (but not Japan) starting on May 23, with a release in Japan, the Americas, and Europe to follow throughout June.

You can see the rollout dates below, though bear in mind these are not strictly set in stone. Instead, they are target dates for when Sony aims to launch the new version of the subscription service.

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PlayStation Plus Rollout

  • Asia markets (excluding Japan) – targeting May 23, 2022
  • Japan – targeting June 1, 2022
  • Americas – targeting June 13, 2022
  • Europe – targeting June 22, 2022

What’s more, Sony announced that one of the perks of the new PlayStation Plus, cloud streaming access (at the Premium tier), is expanding to more regions for a total of 30. The newly confirmed markets include Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

“We’ve been working on this massive global effort to provide flexible options, quality games and greater value for our members for quite some time now–and we’re just a few weeks away from our first regional rollout,” PlayStation’s Jim Ryan said.

For more, check out a breakdown of the new PlayStation Plus tiers below. You can also read GameSpot’s opinion piece, “Whether Sony Likes It Or Not, Game Pass Makes The New PS Plus Look Underwhelming.”

New PlayStation Plus Tiers

PlayStation Plus Essential

  • United States – $10/month | $15/quarter | $60/year
  • Europe – €9/month | €25/quarter | €60/year
  • United Kingdom – £7/month | £20/quarter | £50/year
  • Japan – ¥850/month | ¥2,150/quarter | ¥5,143/year

PlayStation Plus Extra

  • United States – $15/month | $40/quarter | $100/year
  • Europe – €14/month | €40/quarter | €100/year
  • United Kingdom – £11/month | £32/quarter | £84/year
  • Japan – ¥1,300/month | ¥3,600/quarter | ¥8,600/year

PlayStation Plus Premium

  • United States – $18/month | $50/quarter | $120/year
  • Europe – €17/month | €50/quarter | €120/year
  • United Kingdom – £13.49/month | £40/quarter | £100/year
  • Japan – ¥1,550/month | ¥4,300/quarter | ¥10,250/year

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