Australian X-box 360 magazine recently interviewed Tasmanian programmer Michael Boon, he works for Infinity Ward to get a Modern Warfare 2 guide. He revealed what it was like working for Infinity Ward and some upcoming details on the new Call Of Duty title.

Starting in Tasmania eleven years ago Michael Boon used to do programming for old school games like Quake. He details his path of doing some developing for free and then getting spotted by the game developers 2015 based in Oklahoma. He tells Australian X-box 360 magazine that soon after this the company won a contract from Activision to do a game called ‘Sin.’ The infinity Ward company was created out of the 2015 development team and he has been working on Call of Duty titles ever since.

He reveals that little changes from game to game in terms of the game engine and they tweak the old engine in places, this leaves a lot more time to work on the Art, game play and any new mechanics that need building like the snow mobiles we have seen in the demo. Mr Boon, (no relation to the famous Tasmanian cricketer Boon) go’s on to say that they were really lucky with the first MW title in that when they came to the testing phase they had little or few problems. He says this is very unusual as they normally encounter lots of problems at this stage. This meant that they had some extra time to start thinking about the sequel to call of duty 4 and how they could make it even better than the first one.

Some other details revealed in the magazine are that Infinity Ward is apparently is gearing up to have a live patching system. This will hopefully solve online problems without the need for download updates great news for Modern Warfare 2 gamers. Michael Boon also talks about where the team get there inspiration and ideas for MW2. He says they all pay attention to what’s going on in the media so anything from the news to the latest film will give them ideas for locations or story lines in any upcoming games. We hope this has given you a Modern Warfare 2 guide from an inside source!

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