A quick search on the internet on whether or not it is legal to copy PS3 Games to have your own backup copy will give you conflicting opinions on this subject. A lot of people are saying you are not allowed to backup or copy your original games onto your computer and some people are telling you can copy and download the games onto the PlayStation 3 console itself. In fact the truth is you are legally allowed to own one backup copy of the original game you have purchased in the same way you can have a backup copy of a DVD movie you have bought.

As long as you are not copying lots of games and passing them on to other people the law says its perfectly legal to have your own backups for personal use only. The benefits of have a backup copy of the original game are that you can use the backup for everyday game play and put the original purchased copy away for safe keeping. If during game play the back up copy gets damaged or scratched you can then burn another copy of the original and you will have saved your self a lot of money by not having to buy a new replacement.

The PlayStation 3 comes with a standard hard drive but this can be upgraded to a bigger size to allow you to use it for storage but it’s only meant to use it for video’s, music, pictures and game-saves. I have upgraded my own PlayStation hard drive to a Seagate 500 GB (Sony use Seagate drives) and formatted it to use the Fat 32 file system and not the NTFS file system whiched is used on your windows OS system. Even though I have a larger capacity drive I still cant copy full PS3 games to the hard drive, I use my computer to do this and burn them to the CD/DVD drive.

If you are new to copying PS3 games and you don’t yet know how to do this you will be pleased to know that the process has now been made very easy by the availability of reliable copy software which can be downloaded. All you need is a computer with plenty of space on the hard drive, a CD/DVDR drive and a copy of the new Game Copy Pro software. Knowing how to copy PS3 games [http://www.squidoo.com/Ways-To-Copy-PS3-Games] and other console games is essential for every gamer. Start making back ups of all your favorite games at the click of a button.

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