If you might be wanting for some clean Amiga news you’ve got arrive to the right spot, as thanks to a very good pal of ours permitting us know, we have been advised the formerly declared perform in progress Arcade conversion of ‘Scramble’, which is in advancement by JOTD for the Amiga, is Completed! Of course in fact a activity which was also originally unveiled way back in 1983 as Skramble produced by Darrell Etherington seems to be to stay genuine to the first but capabilities a sleek body rate, vintage graphics, and top rated high-quality blasting 1980’s action.


Online video url for Cell end users ( Sport is ultimate, not WIP )

You participate in as a spaceship and have to fly via tight caves and over landscapes, when currently being attacked by launched rockets, ufo’s and other this kind of nasties with out ending up acquiring your ship blown into smithereens. If you can steer clear of or ruin these dangers and not operate out of gas, you really should be able to reach the conclusion phase and wipe out the enemy foundation. Seem like your sort of video game? Good! For the reason that even even though we have highlighted the sport a lot of times in advance of, now is the time to participate in the recreation as a ultimate version with all the capabilities you would hope of a incredible JOTD launch!


  • – any 68k CPU
  • – Kickstart 1.3, 1MB memory
  • – Kickstart 2., 1MB memory


  • – unique portrait structure, visual & appears
  • – devoted enemy conduct & speed & escalating problems
  • – 50 frames for each next (PAL) even on a 68000 A500
  • – all levels
  • – joystick/joypad managed (port 1) or keyboard controls (arrows + ctrl + alt), P pauses
  • – 2 participant method (nevertheless applying joystick in port 1)
  • – 2/3 button joystick and CD32 joypad help
  • – can operate instantly from shell or from whdload (fast machines/superior-close configurations)


  • – Jean-Francois Fabre (aka jotd): code and gfx/sfx conversion
  • – hajodick (EAB): activity map rips from the arcade
  • – Andrzej Dobrowolski (aka no9, from EAB): tunes & sfx loops (plus sfx suggestions)
  • – Scott Tunstall: good reverse engineering function of the arcade model
  • – Frank Wille (aka phx): sfx/module player (and of class vasm assembler!)
  • – ross (from EAB): assist with monitor centering
  • – 125scratch: sprite rips https://www.spriters-source.com/arcade/scramble
  • – DanyPPC: icon
  • – meynaf: random routine
  • – IndieRetroNews : All the write ups, video clips and guidance! )
  • – konami: primary activity 🙂

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