Indie Retro News: None Of Us

Even though we are still waiting for the final model of Electric powered Black Sheep’s approaching Commando / Chaos Engine fantasy themed Amiga recreation of Project Quest. In the necessarily mean time it could possibly be truly worth checking the hottest update for Electrical Black Sheep’s other sport of ‘None of Us’ : An Between Us inspiration which is a mini match to take a look at matters like visuals and gameplay. To coincide with this news, Saberman has completed an additional online video which demonstrates the video game as an action blaster for the Commodore amiga. out?v=ETJhmU-ZKqI

As the site describes and from our past write-up : “This is not a sport in progress. Just a mini sport for tests visuals and gameplay (among other issues)! The essence of the check is to obscure the opponents from the gamers viewpoint with light/shadow. Alright, we all see that in present day platforms, but not  underneath AMIGA – AMOS Pro! The activity necessitates an Amiga with ECS chip, 2mb chipram and a quick Cpu, and it is feasible to insert (iff sample) new music in the test video game, but for legal good reasons it is only section of the presentation video clip”.


  • -A bit various style and design of gfx and map to search much more like a cartoon.
  • -some gfx modification (smooth lines?)
  • -Experiment to engage in audio from FastRam if offered (excess loading at begin but significantly less laggy even though playing… but however buggy)
  • -repaired some bugs (…and designed some new kinds for positive)

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