As of currently just after numerous capabilities of the Amiga AGA version of a recreation originally identified as Yoomp! We are pleased to announce as thanks to a heads up by way of Saberman, you can last but not least participate in take a look at the initially readily available community demo of Soar! For those who have not listened to of this activity prior to, Yoomp! 64 was at first launched in 2020 by RGCD and Psytronik Program on the C64, as port of the amazing Atari XE/XL sport. It featured gaming mechanics in which you want to bounce a ball by a lot of various 3-dimensional textured tubes, to accumulate as lots of factors as you can although attempting not to tumble off the edge.

The creator Kefir_Union has mentioned there are a quantity of variations when compared to the Atari variation of Yoomp. As in Leap! there are 16 tiles on an axis game field, there are 10 deep tiles that are seen alternatively of 4 for much better preparing of minute, recently included specific orange reward fields, which transform game for gathering factors, there are more particular fields which could bring about other fields to vanish, the video game will have 28 ranges of demanding ball bouncing exciting, 5 audio tracks by XTD/Lamers, and will be playable in a resolution of 320×256 in 256 shades!

Components prerequisites:

  • Amiga 1200 14MHz with at least 6MB of quick ram. This configuration makes certain comprehensive gameplay smoothness.


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