The PS3 is a big improvement from the PS2, and the game graphics of the PS3 proves that. However, just like with any other game disc, the PS3 games can easily break or get damaged to the point where they’re unplayable.

This is why many gamers want to learn how to copy games for the PS3 console. Due to the way that PlayStation 3 games are written and the size of the Blu Ray discs, many people have speculated that this is impossible.

Fortunately it’s not impossible to copy games fro the PS3. You can easily accomplish this with a unique game copying software that can make high quality copies of PS3 games just like you would CDs or DVDs.

Thanks to the in built anti-copy code that prevents anyone form duplicating the disc, ordinary burning programs such as Nero won’t work. This is why you need a game copying software designed for getting around this code and making perfect copies of your PS3 games just like an ordinary CD burning tool would for a CD.

When you have this software you will want to use it by first installing it onto your computer. Once installed you will then place your original PS3 game into the DVD/CD burner of your computer and run the software. Now select the option to create an image file of the game and save it onto your computer’s hard drive.

Once you have finished this you’ll receive a message to remove the game and insert a blank disc into your CD/DVD burner of your computer. Now to perform the easiest step of them all, just click burn and let the software work it’s magic. Depending on how fast your burner runs and how fast your computer’s CPU is, you can finish burning your games in 20 minutes.

This process is not at all hard, and the software will come with help tutorial guides that will walk you through everything so you an successfully copy games for your PS3.

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