PlayStation 3 is one of the most advanced games consoles in the World, but it’s got a big problem – since it uses blu-ray discs, you’ve constantly got to watch that you don’t scratch or damage your games. To prevent this from being a problem, you can just copy the games, but because Sony has introduced all sorts of copyright protection, it’s almost impossible to do this. However, we’ve found a way to do it.

The problem with PS3 games is that since they are written on Blu Ray, they are actually very difficult to copy for two reasons. The first reason is that you need to have a blu-ray burner in order to copy the discs, and since the blu-ray technology is quite new, this can be a problem. The second hurdle is that Sony have put all sorts of copyright protection on their discs, making them difficult to copy, even if you do have a blu-ray player.

Blu ray is basically a new form of DVD, where a disc can hold a lot more information (up to 50gb) than a standard piece of media. This is important, because it means that only blu-ray compatible players & burners can read the discs, meaning that if you don’t have one, you need to get one to copy PS3 games.

The copyright protection that Sony has employed for its PS3 games is in the form of encryption. This is a special language or type of code that only the PS3 and Sony can read. It means that when Sony write the game to their disc, they will actually write it all in special encrypted code. This code cannot be read by anything but the PS3, meaning that if you tried to copy the disc on a PC that doesn’t understand it, your PC will just copy a bunch of text and words.

In order to copy and backup PS3 games, you need to be able to create a 1:1 perfect copy of the game, which will include all the encrypted data. This will make your PS3 able to play the games you copy without needing any sort of mod chip to bypass the security protection.

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