Death is always extremely difficult on the friends and family of the diseased. The healing process may many times be long and painful and, while nothing can eliminate the sadness, certain things can make death of a loved one a little easier to deal with. The importance of a will is to help those left behind to not have to handle important legal decisions regarding their loss.

One of the most important reasons why people choose to create a will is because they have children. Raising a child is a matter not to be taken lightly, and having a say in who will be responsible for their children’s upbringing upon their death helps to put a lot of parents at ease. Each state has different policies regarding the distribution of property after someone’s death and what can constitute a will. Therefore, getting a legal will can ensure that the decisions about assets are not left up to the state after someone dies.

Playing video games is something that people have enjoyed doing for decades. The Nintendo Wii is one of the hottest and most versatile gaming systems on the market. You know that you can purchase games online and in stores, but do you know how to backup your Wii console game disks?

Whether from excessive use or due to an accident, the gaming CDs can get damaged and will need to be replaced. Rather than spend a lot of money on replacements, backup the CDs as soon as they are purchased. If this is done and the original is later broken, the replacement copy can be used. Alternatively, players can use the replacement as their primary copy, keeping the original in its pristine condition.

To accomplish this task, a DVD-ROM drive designed to backup these games will need to be purchased. Make sure that the drive is designated for this purpose because using an improper drive will cause the backup to be unsuccessful. The LG GDR-8164B, LG-8161B, 8162B, and 8163B are all suitable for backing up Wii games. These drives are reasonably priced and can be found either online or in electronic stores.

Install the drive onto a computer and download the Raw dump 2.0, WinRar, and Framework 2.0 software applications. Right-click on the icon for Rawdump.rar and select the option for extracting to rawdump 2.0 in order to create a Raw dump icon on the desktop. Place the game into the CD-ROM drive, double click the Raw dump desktop folder, then double click the Rawdump.exe icon. Select “start dump” on the interface window and allow several hours for the file to copy. If the dump was done properly, the size of the dump file will be 4.37 GB. Open a software application for CD/DVD burning, like Nero, and burn the file onto the disk.

Knowing how to backup your Wii console game disks will prevent the damage to a disk from signifying the end of playing that game. All items in the gaming library can be backed up and the replacement copy can be used so the fun can continue. There is no reason to purchase multiple copies of the same game when a replacement can be created at home for a fraction of the cost.

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