Teamfight Tactics is Riot Games’ auto chess game, bringing in units from the League of Legends universe. An important mechanic in this game is traits, which grant your team unique effects based on how many units of a certain trait are played on your board. Traits are one of the most important aspects of Teamfight Tactics and will dictate how you build your comp and what units you decide to play. New traits are introduced in each Teamfight Tactics set, and some introduce new mechanics while others remix old ones. One of the traits in Teamfight Tactics is the Guild trait.

Traits force players to adhere to certain comps, as each trait adds a special ability to your units when you have multiple of the same trait on your board. Balancing traits is an important part of the game when building your team comp. It’s important to know the traits, their effects, and the champions that belong to each one.


How the Guild trait works

The Guild trait in Teamfight Tactics grants unique bonuses to your team if a specific Guild unit is in play. Guild units gain double the bonuses, and they increase for each Guild member in play. This is a unique trait that encourages you to run a horizontal composition, focusing on building primarily Guild units. The Guild units are Sejuani, Twitch, Ryze, Talon, and Bard.Twitch

Here are the effects of each unit on your team:

  • Playing Sejuani grants your team +100 health.
  • Playing Twitch gives your team +10% Attack Speed.
  • Playing Ryze gives your team +10 Ability Power.
  • Playing Talon gives your team +10 Attack Damage.
  • Playing Bard gives your team +2 mana per attack.
  • Giving a unit a “Guild” emblem grants your team +5% Omnivamp.

It’s important to note that these bonuses are granted to all of your units, not just Guild ones. It works exactly as you think. Just put down a Sejuani, and your entire team will gain Bonus Health. Only Guild units gain extra effects, however. Here are the benchmarks for each Guild unit played:

  • One Guild unit: 100% Guild Bonus
  • Two Guild units: 120% Guild Bonus
  • Three Guild units: 140% Guild Bonus
  • Four Guild units: 180% Guild Bonus
  • Five Guild units: 250% Guild Bonus
  • Six Guild units: 300% Guild Bonus

This is an extremely flexible trait due to its low benchmark of needing only one Guild unit. You can put down Bard in any composition, and your units will instantly start gaining extra mana per attack. This makes the Guild trait extremely important to understand, as you can put this trait into literally any composition you play. For example, if you are playing an Assassin comp, you might want to run Twitch to give them bonus attack speed.


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