Monkey Island won't be resurrected by Double Fine

Monkey Island 2 – the funniest game ever? (pic: Disney)

The Tuesday letters page looks forward to playing some Lego Star Wars co-op, as one reader says no thanks to Breath Of The Wild multiplayer.

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Be less badass
Interesting to see the review of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga drop and at almost the same time news of a new Monkey Island, games in two of the only franchises known for being funny. That’s weird timing but what’s worse is the realisation that being funny is such a rare thing for games, which are all so desperate to be seen as badass and serious, like some teenager trying to seem ground up.

Being funny isn’t easy, I realise that, but the good Monkey Island and Lego games (neither get it right all the time) can be so funny that it almost seems strange to remember that games can make you laugh rather than just roll your eyes at their try-hardness. Monkey Island 2 is, for my money the funniest game ever, just beating Portal 2, but there really isn’t much competition.

I’ll be getting Lego Star Wars now and will be very interested to see the Monkey Island, which had a nice reveal trailer. I’m not going to even bother to hope that it leads to more new comedy games but you never know. Maybe companies will realise that a good laugh can smooth over a lot of problems, and they’re usually cheaper than expensive graphics and options.

Space to bloom
Nice review of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga I liked how it was really long and yet it still felt like you only just had time to mention everything, that alone says a lot about the game. I hope this game does well, and I will certainly buying it, as apart from anything I hope it shows companies that giving developers time to hone their work will result in more profits in the end.

It was always obvious that Traveller’s Tales were talented but all their games were just these buggy messes and they got no respect as a result, especially when they were made pump out so many. It sounds like it may already be too late for them, and Lego is going to take away the licence, but I hope that doesn’t mean Warner Bros. will try to shut them down.

I’d like to see them try and make their own original game after this and use everything they’ve learnt to make something unique. I don’t know how likely that is but they must be very happy at how the game has reviewed and the fact that it’s obviously going to be a big sales hit.

The return of LucasArts
So happy to see the return of Monkey Island (called the Return Of Monkey Island!), what an unexpected surprise. They’ve obviously been working on it a long time if it’s out this year, so that’s kind of a cool knowing they can keep a secret. Makes me wonder how far along that Indiana Jones games from MachineGames is, and if it’s just going to pop up out of nowhere one day.

I used to love LucasArts back in the day. I’m sure they must have had some bad games but I don’t remember them and it feels instead that everything they did was great. I really hope they can revive all of their old franchises and would love to see a new Grim Fandango.

I realise they can’t go back to making so many point ‘n’ click adventures but I’m sure there muse be clever ways to bring them back as different game styles. Full Throttle would be great in the style of Days Gone, only with less zombies and more humour.
Tim Rogers

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Big secret
I’m not complaining that Bethesda is being so secretive about Starfield but what I do wonder is why are they being secretive? If they’re describing it as Skyrim in space then we all have a pretty good idea what that means, so it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to really hide.

It makes me think that there must be some big element to the game they haven’t revealed yet, although what it is I don’t know given how unhelpful the leaks always seem to be.

My guess is something to do with aliens, since they don’t seem to be showing up in any of the concept art? But then again they could be going with a no alien option, like The Expense, although knowing Bethesda’s other work I really can’t see them keeping it that realistic.

Or maybe the reason is just to get people speculating like I’m doing right now. I’m certainly interested in the game, so I guess the plan worked!

Full time job
I just don’t get how these people do things like beat Elden Ring in three hours with no damage? How is it humanely possible? I could kind of believe it if it was something someone had been practicing their whole life or something but the game’s barely been out a month and they’re acting like this with it.

It’s not so much the skill (which I am jealous of, I admit) but how you have the time to learn the intricacies of everything. I barely have time to die a dozen times most knights, so it must be like a full time job for these people? I guess if you factor in how much money you’d get from Twitch and/or YouTube it might pay for itself, perhaps handsomely, but that doesn’t seem like much of a life to me.

Mind you, I’d say that as most streamers. When I first found out how much they worked I couldn’t believe it. They might make millions now but they’ll be paying that in mental health bills in a few years. The worst thing is many of them even admit. I’ll stick to beating Elden Ring in just under 200 hours thanks.

Magical news
Well, that Monkey Island news was certainly something, wasn’t it? I actually had to double check the date, because for a moment I was convinced it was still the 1st and it was all just a cruel joke. For over 20 years, if anyone had said I could have one Inbox magic wish, it would have be for the ‘real’ Monkey Island 3, made by Ron Gilbert. (I was actually thinking about it again the other day too. I should have written in, then I’d be able to claim the credit for the best Inbox magic result ever!)

He’s apparently had the outline planned since he was working on Monkey Island 2, and I always felt that many fans would have been happy with the same graphics, if it kept the cost down and made it more likely to happen.

Now, we’ve got no confirmation that this is actually what it is, but the fact that it’s back in Gilbert’s hands, whilst keeping the parts of later games that worked, like Murray and Dominic Armato, makes me very hopeful indeed. And excited. In fact, I can’t remember the last time this jaded thirtysomething has been so excited for a game. But given that I took my username from the credits of Monkey Island 2, that should give some idea of just how much I love this series! (Well… the first two, anyway. Curse can stay too.)
Sparky the Yak

Too many people
I’ll be honest, no. I have never wanted to playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild in multiplayer with other people. The solitude is the whole point with the atmosphere and storytelling and while I guess it’s a fun thing to mess around it would’ve been horrible if the game had been made with that in mind.

I mean, kudos to the people that have invented the mod but once again I don’t know what they expect is going to happen once Nintendo gets hold of them. They made the last lot they sued wipe all their hard drives, so it’s not even as if they’d get to take advantage of the work.

Take-Two and others
RE: the recent readers’ mention of Sony buying rockstar, the parent company Take-Two is worth $13 billion-ish last time I looked, it’s a perfectly viable target for Sony. They could lock the story mode down to PlayStation while having GTA Online available for all (god, I hope there is a story mode, I had a disproportionate amount of hatred for GTA Online that I’ve never gotten over for some reason).

I always thought it was a shame Criterion were owned by EA, as Burnout was the only racing series I ever enjoyed, whereas GTA racing missions leave a lot to be desired (for me anyway). Combining the two would be quite epic.

I am thoroughly enjoying Triangle Strategy, although I don’t think much of the sprite work in the game (it’s supposed to be HD-2D but Square still can’t make them have faces?). I noted you complained there was too much talking, and while it is quite verbal at least there is a story with bite, something you have complained about the lack of in other recent games.

All the best.

GC: That is quite the jumble of topics. Please try and keep it to just one, because if everyone starts doing it the Inbox will just become a mess. Take-Two has market capitalisation of $17.8 billion, compared to $129 billion for Sony. So, yes, theoretically it could happen but that is a huge chunk of change for them.

Inbox also-rans
I know I’m late to the party but… I cannot believe how charming Astro’s Playroom is. Finally managed to sit down with (a friend’s) PlayStation 5 and wow, what care and attention to detail they put into that built-in game. It’s nice to see PlayStation history celebrated.
NongWen (PSN ID)

Almost every time I hear K.K. Slider’s Ballad, Lullaby, and Love Song I will tear up a bit. I couldn’t tell you why, there are no lyrics, but god help me I do…

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