Sony was the first of the console brands to really give digital actuality a shot when it built the initial PlayStation VR unit for the PS4. Although spectacular for the price tag, there ended up a large amount of negatives: Players didn’t like getting to use controllers from the PS3 generation, the camera tracking was not wonderful, and the resolution left a great deal to be preferred. In spite of all of that, PS VR ended up remaining one particular of the bestselling headsets on the current market.

Seeming to consider all the lessons uncovered from the PS VR, as nicely as hunting at what breakthroughs other headsets have built, Sony unveiled the new PlayStation VR2. In the beginning just a website article, Sony has bit by bit been trickling out far more and more facts on the upcoming addition to the PS5. Some of the main questions we have are however up in the air, but there is a good deal of details floating about to get energized about. Here’s everything we know about the PlayStation VR2 so considerably.

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Launch date

Playstation VR2 hjeadset on a PlayStation-themed wallpaper.

PlayStation VR2 hasn’t been presented a day nor a window of launch as of now. There’s a large amount of speculation that it could come sometime at the end of 2022, but we sense like early- to mid-2023 is considerably far more possible. Not only would this let Sony get additional PS5 stock into people’s fingers, but the organization could also try to develop up a much larger inventory of this new unit so that we never have one more situation where folks who want a person simply cannot get their fingers on it for months or even decades.

Launch lineup

Horizon Call of the Mountain game still with characters in a boat.

Sony has mentioned that the PlayStation VR2 will ship with about 20 game titles at launch. We’ve witnessed a handful of VR titles teased by Sony, but there is no definite listing of which kinds will be available on day one particular.

We really feel that Horizon Simply call of the Mountain, a first-bash title and the 1st sport we noticed for PS VR2, is a superior wager to be one particular of those people launch titles. Other video games we know are coming to PS VR2 at start or right after consist of:

We also continue to do not know if PSV R2 will be backward-suitable with the original PS VR unit’s game titles. We have a suspicion that it will not be or Sony would’ve marketed that start lineup variety as staying much increased or competent it as becoming 20 “new” game titles at start.

At the identical time, just expressing “over 20” game titles could indicate it consists of the overall PS VR library, but our guess is that builders will require to go in and update their game titles to perform on the PSVR2. The largest games from that procedure will very likely get ported, perhaps at launch, but it does not appear very good for indigenous backward compatibility.


PlayStation VR2 headset from behind with controllers.

Even for the time, the to start with PS VR was really underpowered, as perfectly as cumbersome. The resolution, tracking, and makeshift movement controls with the digital camera, in addition the thick cords and more box, manufactured it a chore to use. PS VR2 flips the script by showing up to be, at minimum for the time, a single of the most highly effective headsets on the sector.

The initial main question is normally heading to be about cords. Though we can’t untether the PS VR2 from the PS5, which is doing the major lifting, we at least are down to a single, trim USB Form-C wire working from the headset into your console. It isn’t suitable, certainly, but continue to a significant stage up from the last iteration.

PS VR2 will have two OLED eye shows that every screen at a 2000 x 2040 resolution, mixed equaling 4000 x 2040 at a 110-degree area of view, which is greater than the Meta Quest 2. It will also be equipped to tackle foveated rendering and frame charges of 90Hz or 120Hz. What that all implies is this headset can do 4K HDR and most likely hit up to 120 frames for every 2nd. This will all fluctuate from video game to game, nevertheless.

Not only is the PS VR2 extraordinary in what your eye will see but also in how it will see your eye. PS VR2 will characteristic eye-tracking technologies, which can allow for much more immersive experiences, but perhaps also relieve movement illness. There’s a good deal of opportunity with eye-tracking and how it can be executed, but it is continue to so new we don’t really know what to assume from it.

Yet another terrific lesson PS VR2 uncovered was to ditch the exterior camera and use inside of-out monitoring. This indicates the headset by itself has 4 cameras designed in that make it keep track of your movements much more precisely, with out any blind places or lighting interference that the PS VR digicam had trouble with. It will also have crafted-in 3D audio, which is crucial for VR.

Finally, let us talk about the new controllers. Known as the PS VR2 Sense controllers, these glimpse very very similar to other top VR controllers in design and style. Just about every controller has a thumbstick, two confront buttons, a result in, and a button where by your thumb will relaxation. It has the exact adaptive triggers as the PS5’s DualSense controller, haptic suggestions, and full finger contact detection. This allows the match know irrespective of whether or not your fingers are resting on the controller or lifted to far more precisely represent gestures in-sport.

Price tag

The formal rate for PS VR2 has not been shared nonetheless, but there is a ton of speculation that tries to predict where by it may end up centered on the specs and how other headsets are priced. As a comparison, the HTC Vive Pro headset alone prices just beneath $800, although the Oculus Quest 2 only runs all-around $300. Sony won’t want to price tag the device as substantial as the Vive, and we suspect it will do every thing it can to preserve it underneath the cost of a PS5, even if it signifies selling at a slight loss. The unique PS VR released at $400, which is a variety we could see it launching at once more, but not likely over $500. Decrease would clearly be improved, but for the power it is packing in this factor, it probable will not fall down below $400.


A great deal like the PS5, or any new gaming components, definitely, anticipate the PS VR2 to provide out pretty rapid on launch. Given that there is no day or price declared yet, there’s no way to pre-order a device nonetheless. Nonetheless, when they go dwell, expect them to promote out quick, so retain your eyes peeled on this site so that you know the second pre-orders go up so you have the ideal likelihood at reserving a single of the first models.

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