Whilst there are plenty of allies to make in Elden Ring, there are only so several mentors. Lecturers of magic, investing you secrets for electricity. And only a person NPC provides you this power in this kind of a straightforward way. The Beast Clergyman Gurranq is the only way to entry the Strength-dependent incantations termed Beast Incantations. Gurranq has a questline in get to collect all of these impressive spells. Irrespective of whether you want to obtain him, or want to know the destinations of his sweet Deathroot, we can assistance you out!

How to Comprehensive the Gurranq Questline in Elden Ring

How to Complete the Gurranq Questline in Elden Ring

In buy to start out the Gurranq questline, you are going to initial need to obtain the beast clergyman. He’s positioned in the Bestial Sanctum, at the leading suitable of Caelid. This is a extremely significant-amount zone, and he is defended by not 1 but two bosses. Just one is a dragon defending the bridge, the other is the gargoyle defending the internal sanctum. These fellas can be quite challenging to defeat, so journey previous them and strike the Site of Grace just inside of the Sanctum by itself.

The moment in this article, head up to the substantial creature at the back again of the space. This is Gurranq. You’ll will need a forex known as Deathroot in order to acquire his spells, which he’ll give to you in get. He’ll give you an Eye, which quivers when you get near Deathroot.

Alternate Way to Get to Gurranq

Gurranq Early TP

Thankfully, this is not the only way to get to Gurranq. The drastically a lot quicker option is through a teleporter. North of Mistwood, just over the Third Church of Marika, there’s a small lake. Jump into the water and head to the correct. You are going to see a blue breeze. Head into that teleporter to be brought appropriate to the front of the Sanctum. In this scenario, the Gargoyle in front of the Sanctum will only aggro if you get as well shut to him. So, you can properly rest!

Deathroot Places

There are nine overall cloves of Deathroot in Elden Ring. The areas are frequently revealed on the bottom two maps, but bosses and dungeons may possibly vary.

Deathroot Locations Elden Ring Limgrave Liurnia

  1. Deathtouched Catacombs (Central Limgrave) – This is situated just after the boss of the dungeon, after the Black Knife Assassin.
  2. Summonwater Village (Eastern Limgrave) – This is located in the ruins of the village in between Limgrave and Caelid. This introduces you to the Tibia Mariner, who you will battle normally in the course of this quest. He tends to be in the heart of the city adhere to the undead and you should really uncover him. Observe out for his huge space of effect assaults!
    • You will also get the Skeletal Militiaman Ashes.
  3. East Liurnia of the Lakes – This Tibia Mariner is chilling in a small pool of drinking water on the jap aspect of Liurnia. He will be just in advance of the tower on the map. You may perhaps have to search close to soon to locate the place he teleported to.
    • You will also get the Skeletal Bandit Ashes.

Northern Elden Ring Deathroot Locations

  1. Black Knife Catacombs (Northeastern Liurnia) – Abide by the highway down to the suitable aspect of the Erdtree in Japanese Liurnia. The Deathroot is driving the Cemetary Shade boss struggle.
  2. Wyndham Ruins (Western Atlus Plateau) – Up on the hill previous the Lux Ruins. The Mariner ought to spawn in the h2o at the base of the Ruins itself.
    • You will also get the Tibia’s Summons.
  3. Gelmir’s Hero Grave (East Mt. Gelmir) – At the stop of the craggy region on the eastern chunk of the mountain, there’s a Hero Grave composition. At the finish of this dungeon, the chest just after the manager battle will give you your Deathroot.
  4. Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs (Southwest Mountaintops of the Giants) – Within a catacomb that can be found by jogging east of the chain that brings you to the rest of the Mountaintop. This is also in the upper body following the manager.
  5. Mountaintops of the Giants (North Mountaintops) – On the cliff south of Castle Soul. It is northwest of the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook.
    • You will also get the Helphen’s Steeple weapon.
  6. Hidden Route to the Haligtree – When climbing up the bridges, search to the west to see a broken railing. Drop down on to an invisible pathway, then head to the opening on the side. Use arrows, pebbles, or ground-dependent spells to keep safe. Observe these invisible paths until eventually you arrive at a limited catacomb. Just after the boss, you are going to locate the very last Deathroot, at the rear of the Stray Mimic Tear boss.

Gurranq Quest Rewards

Gurranq’s questline is pretty profitable… Properly, for those who commit in Faith! His benefits are based on how many Deathroot you feed to him.

  1. Clawmark Seal, a seal that increases based on Power.
  2. Bestial Sling, a limited-ranged but quick stone shotgun that does extraordinary stagger but minimal harm.
  3. Bestial Vitality, a buff that will allow you to slowly regenerate health. Lasts a reasonable bit and can be used in advance of a manager with a lot of time to spare.
  4. Ash of War: Beast’s Roar, a ranged assault Ash of War that scales off of Power.

Gurranq, Angered

At the 4th Deathroot, you must leave Gurranq and rest at the Web site of Grace or teleport. Which is because Gurranq has gone quickly insane, and will lash out at the player!

Gurranq is an exceptionally potent opponent. Even in the late sport, he will be tricky to power to quiet down. Due to the fact of that, it is instructed that you do 1 of two matters:

  • Use your Spirit Summon to distract him while you hammer his again. This is only recommended for larger degree builds.
  • Both give him Scarlet Rot or Poison and then go away the Sanctum. Wait just outdoors for the poison to do 2500 destruction or so, and then occur again.

Gurranq will surrender the moment you’ve dealt about a fourth of his wellness. Just sit at the internet site of grace to refresh him, and he must be back exactly where he generally is. This is the only time that this hostility will occur.

The Relaxation of the Deathroot Benefits

  1. Beast Claw, a ground-based Location of Influence spell that cones out in entrance.
  2. Stone of Gurranq, an arcing ranged attack. Does impressive damage and stagger.
  3. Beastclaw Greathammer, a Power, Dexterity, and Religion scaling Greathammer with a quite strong Weapon Skill.
  4. Gurranq’s Beast Claw, a massive circle of waves coming from the caster.
  5. Historical Dragon Smithing Stone, permits a weapon to be improved to +25.

Immediately after providing him his ninth Deathroot, Gurranq will leave the Bestial Sanctum forever.


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