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Crowd Control

Culture has fallen apart (as it tends to). Your work, as Dwayne the Rock Johnson, is to defend the men and women from them selves (and also slipping buildings). Thankfully, you happen to have an infinite quantity of boulders saved in your pocket, so you can toss them at regardless of what you see in shape. As absolutely everyone knows, Dwayne the Rock Johnson also has telekinesis, so you may perhaps seize and shift persons if they start to get much too rowdy. Just make certain to be light with them… The citizens will drop sanity and starvation, so you may perhaps need to have figure out means to offer with such conditions. Oh, and they also never specifically get pleasure from getting lonely… Do you have what it usually takes to defend humanity from the various troubles that outcome from stupidity and poor construction, or will all your attempts be in vain…?

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An Intellegent Entity

These lil buggers are the dumbest variety of intellegent, they are 100 p.c pushed by their thoughts and will act impulsivly, it is up to you to make certain they dont get rid of on their own and eachother.

They are primarilly pushed by three thoughts, Panic (or Anger), Starvation, and Unhappiness. They naturally are additional susceptible to specified actions from the commencing of their existence some much more than other individuals.

For occasion, Patty, the hamburger, will restore starvation to folks close by on the other hand, thier existence proves risky, they are much more easily agitated and will lash out a lot more frequently. Each unique will be additional or fewer likely to develop into stressed out in excess of minor factors and in transform will anger people all over them.

Be Cautious and Good Luck!


ModdingMachine – Coder

SS9 – Artist

Rose – Artist

Kellen – Musician

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