Real Time Strategy Games In The Office: May the Best Player Win

Ah, the excitement of computer real time strategy games. Setting up a trap for an enemy and lying in wait for the ambush, a solider presses his lips together to keep his breathing as silent as possible. Suddenly, there is a tap at the door and Anderson from accounting asks if the daily logs are completed. Confused? Don’t be. The “soldier” that was lying in wait to ambush his foe is a businessman taking a little bit of down time playing computer real time strategy games. They are not only war-oriented, there are other scenarios to explore for nearly every skill level.

Just naming these computer real time strategy games would fill a page, so we will stick with a more generic, broad view of the topic. Computer real time strategy games are very rewarding to play as you set your traps and wait for your opponents to fall into them, while avoiding the same fate happening to you. You must watch everything that is going on around you, all the while realizing that everything that you do is being watched as well.

Some of these computer real time strategy games will have you fighting for your very life in a jungle or other war setting, while others will be more business oriented as you fight to stop or hasten the merger of a large corporation. Either way, the main goal is the same: devise the best plan that takes advantage of any weakness that you can find in your opponent and win the game. Computer real time strategy games improve reasoning skills, as well as teach other valuable skills like patience and perseverance. (All very valuable skills for real life.) It can also allow you to work out some of the aggressions that if left alone might become problematic for the average person. Releasing some tensions while learning to stalk an enemy terrorist is not bad as far as hobbies go.

Some of the computer real time strategy games have nothing to do with violence at all- they focus more on reasoning and negotiating skills instead. (Critics often single out the war and killing based versions of this genre without looking at the big picture.) Some of us, maybe most of us, will never be in the boardroom of a multinational corporation working out the key details to a leveraged buyout. Such computer real time strategy games could very well give us not only the ability to do so, but could also teach us the skills to do it better than anybody else. With the way the economy is going, negotiating during computer real time strategy games might be all we have left soon.

At Work And Need A Quick RTS Fix?

It still looks prettier than space invaders I LOVE this. If you can pull up a browser and have 15 minutes of free (unsupervised) work time you’re in business. “Unification Wars” is a free browser based game with over 350,000 people ragin’ Star Wars style.

I manage to sneak in at least a few minute every day at the ol’ grind and since it’s persistent that’s peachy. It’s true the graphics won’t make your heart race but when you’ve got that client from hell on the other line…it’s the best thing in the world.

Top 3 Online Computer Real Time Strategy Games You Shan’t Regret

These Gems Make The Inevitable “Noobie” Partner Worth It

1) Company Of Heroes: Tales Of Valor

2) Supreme Commander 2

3) Universe At War

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