Wondering why always your computer freezes when playing games? What could be causing such annoying thing to your computer? Is it some virus or some internal fault in the operating system? Finding answer for these questions is not easy. There are very complicated computer processes involved in computer gaming and any of these processes may be causing your games to freeze. To fix such problem a holistic computer maintenance becomes indispensable.

Most computer users are not aware how to fix gaming problems in their computers. They either resort to the computer security softwares such as antiviruses or go to some PC repair shops to find out why computer freezes when playing games. However, in majority of cases simple fixes such as fixing internal Windows errors resolves the issue at ease.

There are some concrete yet easy steps you can take if your computer is freezing while playing games. These steps are outlined here, however, it is important you do them in sequence:

Fix Corrupted Registry

The root cause of most computer freezing is the errors in Windows registry which stores information about all the computer programs. The programs in our computer access registry every time some action is performed on the system. This component of the Windows must be in good health especially if you are fond of gaming. What happens is that the registry keys created by the game get corrupted and it becomes difficult for the game set up to function normally. It is very helpful to run a suitable registry repairing scan if your computer freezes when playing games.

Defrag Registry Data

Just as there are errors in Windows registry, the registry data is also disorganized overtime. This scattered data is not good to run games and other programs with full optimization. Using defrag technology available in some PC optimization tool is quite helpful to fix computer freezing.

Improve Hardware and Drivers

Sometimes the system requirements are way below from what is required to play games smoothly. It is recommended you upgrade your hardware such as RAM and also update the graphics drivers in addition to adding a more powerful graphics card if your computer freezes when playing games.

Fix Flash and Browser Errors for Online Gaming Errors

Many games we play today allow us to collaborate with other online users. This involved browser and internet as well during the game play. These item shall, therefore, also be performing well in order to play games without any problem. However, it has been noted that there occur Flash and other browser errors which ruin the game play. To fix these errors use some tool which can fix registry and Flash related errors.

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