The most popular wii dance games for the Nintendo has thus far been the Dance Dance Revolution or aka. DDR Hottest Party.

DDR was created by the Tokyo based company Konami Corporation which dates back to 1973, they were famous for titles like frogger, scramble and Super Cobra. When Dance dance Revolution Hottest party first came to the US in 2007 it won huge applause, partially due to the fact that it was the only wii dance games that contained the one of a kind dance pad controller.

What makes DDR so different is that using a traditional dance pad with a Wii remote requires participants to match controller movements with the remote and the Nunchuck attachment as well as do the dance steps at the same time. This new innovation causes the whole body workout, giving the top part or your arms something to do as well, which upto now has always been solely focused on feet movements. The game supports up to four players at a time.

If you never heard of or played DDR then some explanations are in order. It’s a rhythm game that has you stepping all over a dance mat to hit arrows that match the corresponding arrows on the screen. All this takes place to a the beat of a popular dance track. If your new to this lookout cause it isn’t easy, you will have a hard time to keep from tripping over your own feet. Whereas veterans will be hopping back and forth, seemingly hitting all the arrows with ease. The diamonds correspond to hand movements and the arrows to feet movements. The game offer 3 different Play options namely: Free Play , Groove Curcuit, and workout mode.

Lets have a closer look at this game and see what some of the pros and cons are. Whatever method you choose to play Hottest Party appears pretty good. The colors of the game are bright and vivacious, the surroundings are neat and the game characters feel right and are well animated. DDR features extra backup dancers that are an unneeded visible touch, the main character should have been rendered larger, but nonetheless the game looks decent. The audio sounds for the most part OK with a list of approximately fifty tracks. They tried to put something in the music list for everyones taste. The announcer tends to be somewhat of a nuisance, who either compliments you or insults you all at the same time. Kind of like saying “you are really good at sucking!” Might get to you after a while, those kind of comments. DDR comes with one dance pad included, for multiple players each will have to obtain it’s own dance pad.

Unfortunately there are not a lot of other choices in the Wii dance games niche. There is Dancing with the stars which has received less than good reviews. Which also has dance pad incompatibility problems with the dancepad offered by DDR Hottest Party.

These type of get off the couch Wii dance games are gaining in popularity. I don’t think the game will convert the player into the next Fred Astaire but will definitely give you a good work out.

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