“Persistence Spoons” is a wonderful Bible game for kids that can be used when telling the story of Jacob wrestling the Angel in Genesis 32. It’s going to become favorite Bible game because: 1) It’s Active 2) It’s inexpensive 3) it works for younger and older kids and 4) it has a powerful Bible-based message that persistence pays off.

Have children form two relay teams at one end of the room. If there is an odd number, the first child on the team with less people can go twice. Give the first two children on each team a large tablespoon or slotted spoon (that’s four big spoons in all). Put a piece of aluminum foil, rolled up like a baseball into one of the spoons on each time (that’s two aluminum baseballs).

Show the players how to toss the “ball” back and forth to each other, catching it on the spoon. Then, they have to start moving slowly to the other end of the room while tossing back and forth.

One catch without dropping the ball earns one step forward by both teammates. A dropped ball means they have to stay where they are and try again, until a caught ball earns them a step forward.

Once a team reaches the far wall, they can run back with the spoons and ball and deliver to the next set of players.

Which ever team finishes first wins. Ask the children: “Who should get the prize?” They should answer that the winning team should.

However remind them:

“God is not as interested in how fast or how slow we are. He is interested in those who show persistence. Therefore, everyone gets a prize.”

Pass out cookies, licorice sticks, or other available prizes for the winner of the Bible game.

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