Act I – When the Crux Shines Bright

Beidou is a 4-star character that plays an important role in the main lore of Genshin Impact. She has appeared several times in the Archon Quest and has even helped you, the traveler, get past the raging storm at sea that has prevented people from traveling in and out of Inazuma.

Genshin Impact: Beidou Hangout Event - All Endings of Act I

Beidou’s hangout event allows you to know the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean a little more by spending time with her. This involves special stories that occurred after your adventure in the Electro nation.

This first act of Beidou’s Hangout Event has 5 endings that you need to reach in order to complete it and experience a day or two as a crew of The Alcor and being a companion to Beidou’s adventures.


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Hangout Event Requirements

To do this Hangout Event, you need to have an Adventure Rank of at least 30 and have 2 Story Keys ready. You can obtain story keys by doing Daily Commissions. You also need to complete the Archon Quest Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals.

Intro: A Special Guest

“The Crux returns safely from Inazuma and is preparing to celebrate. The only difference is that today, you’re the guest of honor…”

Step 1: Go to The Alcor.

The Crux: The Alcor is the ship that Captain Beidou is leading. It is currently in Guyun Stone Forest, and to get there, you can ride your Waverider, climb up the nearest mountain and then glide down to the ship, or simply click on the ship’s icon and select teleport to fast travel to the armed fleet.

When you get aboard the ship, you are greeted by the crew of the Alcor, who all got excited about seeing you again. They are giving praises about your adventures in Inazuma, like how you helped put an end to Inazuma’s Vision Hunt Decree. They are also trying to convince you to be part of the crew.

Before things got too overwhelming, Beidou showed up, calmed the crew down, and pulled you away.

Step 2: Talk to Beidou.

Beidou explains that the crew’s excitement today comes from their great respect for you – both your strength and your character. She hopes that you don’t take it the wrong way.

In this part, your choice of response will tell the ending path that the Hangout Event will take. Choosing the first option will lead to Endings 1, 2, and 3, while the second one is for Endings 4 and 5.

Endings 1, 2, and 3

**choose the option “Why would I? I’m actually quite interested in the life of a sailor.”

Sailor Training

“You’re just in time for the training of new Crux crew members. Beidou invites you to join in.”

Step 1: Have a taste of sailor training.

After expressing your interest in the life of a sailor, Beidou shares how they are currently doing some recruitment and training for new crew members. You will see Chief Mate Juza briefing the new recruits. Beidou then explains that new crew members will be arranged into two teams for more specialized training according to their own aptitudes and the needs of the fleet.

One team will learn comprehensive survival skills, including maritime emergency rescue, marine meteorology, psychological counseling, and so on. They will serve as the support team for the fleet, ensuring safe navigation and thus called “The Shield of The Crux” The other team, of course, is called “The Spear of The Crux” because they make up the armed portion of the crew who learns about naval warfare. They are also responsible for handling the fleet’s cargo deals.

Step 2: Select “The Shield of The Crux”

After explaining the two teams of the fleet, Beidou asks you which one you prefer to observe and be a part of. You should select “The Shield of The Crux” to proceed to Ending 1.

There are two main subjects that The Shield of The Crux focuses on, survival knowledge and entertainment.

At Beidou’s invitation, you participate in the “Shield of the Crux” sailor training. Time to get a taste of life out at sea, far from any dry land…

Training: The Shield of The Crux

“You join the lessons for The Shield of The Crux. Time to learn some survival skills suitable for life on the high seas!”

Life on The High Seas

Step 3: Learn from Yinxing.

Beidou invites you to experience the survival knowledge training conducted by The Shield of The Crux. Learn something about illnesses experienced on the high seas with Yinxing, the surgeon at sea.

When you ask her about treating injuries and illnesses at sea, she will ask you what you think is the biggest danger all new crew members face. You will be given three choices, but the answer is for crew members to underestimate the dangers of life at sea.

Step 05: Consult Huixing, the navigator.

Learn something about nautical charts with Huixing, the navigator.

Huixing introduces you to some chart-reading essentials for new sailors. You learn that when you get a set of complicated charts, what you need to look out for first are indicated shorelines, islands or reefs, water depths, hydrological conditions, and other hazards.

The most advanced nautical charts come with a supplementary chart with different colored lines marked on it to indicate distances. Some cartographers mark out other points of interest on their charts, usually with their special symbols. If they don’t leave any accompanying notes, they can be very difficult to interpret.

Step 4: Learn a thing or two from Xu Liushi.

Learn something about meteorology with Xu Liushi, the lookout. He is the one who is on top of the ship’s sail. You need to climb up the main mast to talk to him.

Xu Liushi has been observing how Captain Beidou showed you around the training grounds and how you went to see Yinxing and Huixing. It gave him a hint that you are there to learn from them and now wants to learn about marine meteorology.

His job involves keeping tabs on the weather and other ocean phenomena, so things like sea fog, storm surges, waterspouts, and so on are all potential threats to safe navigation. He explains that whatever weather might be coming up, there’s always some sign that gives it away in advance.

A Little Test

“After learning a thing or two about life on the high seas, it’s time to take a little test prepared by the Captain herself.”

Step 5: Report back to Beidou.

Beidou asks three questions to test whether you learned something from The Crux’s crew members.

For the first question, Beidou asks what the single biggest danger facing crew members is, and the answer is “Underestimating danger.

The second question concerns the purpose of the lines in various colors added in a supplementary chart. The answer is “To mark distances.

The last question is: how can you reliably predict waterspouts to avoid them? The correct answer for this one is “The presence of dark clouds and strong winds in opposite directions, plus rings of white spots in the clouds.

You need at least two correct answers to proceed to Endings 1 and 2. Failing the test leads to The Crux of Our Duties of Ending 3.

Ending 1: Photography Class for Two

Beidou invites you to experience the entertainment training conducted by The Shield of The Crux.

The Photography Crew

“Where there’s work, there’s got to be rest. Time for some leisurely classes on how to use a Kamera.”

Step 1: Go to the photography class.

When you met with the class, Juza shared the bad news that the photography teacher just sent word saying she’s fallen ill and doesn’t want to risk coming in, in case she keels over in class. So you offered to teach the class, given that you have little knowledge about photography.

Step 2: Select a model for the photography class.

Since it is a photography course, there has to be a subject, and you need a model. For this part, you choose the option that says, “Hmm… I think the most suitable model is… Captain Beidou!

If you select other options, they will not accept the idea until Captain Beidou is the only model you can think of. The crew will agree to this suggestion, and Beidou, despite feeling tense and shy, will accept it.

When you start the session, you feel like Beidou is a little too tense, with the crew watching as you take photos of her. So you suggest somewhere quieter or with a better view and bring the final photo back as teaching material.

Step 3: Select a location to take photos of Beidou at.

You will be given three locations that you can suggest to go to for the photography class. You can pick the fishing village near Wangshu Inn, Yaoguang Shoal for its ocean breeze, or the top of Mt. Tianheng, which overlooks all of Liyue Harbor.

**choose the option that says “I’ve heard there’s a fishing village near Wangshu Inn…

If you select Yaoguang Shoal and Mt. Tianheng, Beidou will find a reason to avoid getting her photos taken and cancel the photography class. This will then end the hangout Event without reaching any correct ending.

The Nameless Fishing Village

“Beidou seems to have no experience in being a model for photography. However, you decide on a change in scenery to help her relax a little.”

Step 4: Head to the fishing village near Wanshu Inn.

Taking the opportunity from the photography incident, you and Beidou head to the small fishing village where she once lived.

Beidou claimed this village was lively back in the day and is home to several families. A few small incidents occurred, and then people began to leave.

The Long Years

“The passage of years has completely transformed how one’s former home looks.”

Step 5: Take a stroll with Beidou in the fishing village.

A Smattering of Memories

“You accompany Beidou as she takes a walk through the fishing village and talks about a past she hasn’t brought up for a long time now.”

People used to call this place “Downriver,” because the villagers moved here from a place called “Upriver.” With them, they brought knowledge of fishing that had been passed down from generation to generation. Now, Upriver is long gone, and Downriver is all but deserted. It won’t be long before no one remembers what these places are called.

Step 6: Go with Beidou to the fishing village for a walk.

Beidou was only about five or six when she arrived in this village. She was homeless and had to wander around the street. When she finally found half a Rice Bun, a stray dog jumped out and snatched it away from her. She chased that dog to this village where a few kind fishermen saw her and gave her some food. Seeing her stop, the dog stopped running but keeled over and never got up again. Maybe it was too tired, or maybe it had starved to death.

At first, the villagers were wary of her, but the village chief took pity on her and brought her to their home. However, about a year after Beidou arrived, the village chief fell ill during the winter and passed away. During the same period, the harvest was getting worse, and the fishermen’s catch was getting smaller daily. People began blaming each other without the village chief handling the situation. But in the end, they all turned on the young Beidou, saying they shouldn’t have ever taken her in.

The villagers said Beidou was bad luck and pointed to how that dog died on the first day she arrived. They said she was a living curse, and the downfall of the village was all her fault. Some of them started shouting and drove her out of the village.

Later, The Captain of The Crux realized that Beidou was a constellation, and the Alcor, one of its stars, was an omen of death.


“Beidou’s childhood home proves to be an excellent backdrop for photography. Time to take a few pictures of her before you go.”

Step 7: Suggest a pose for Beidou.

This place has long since become deserted, but Beidou’s childhood home is still a lovely place to take photos. Take one of her here.

Beidou reminds you of the photo you need to take and asks if she needs to strike a pose. Choose to say either “However you prefer” or “Perhaps you can strike an epic pose.

Step 8: Take a picture of Beidou.

You use your Kamera to take a photo of Beidou as she explores this familiar place. Will she like it?

Step 9: Talk to Beidou.

After taking the photo, Beidou insists on looking at the photo you took. You ask her to promise not to get mad if it’s not good enough and if only she promised to give it back. However, after seeing the picture, Beidou says that as the Captain of The Crux, she is exercising her official right to requisition the photograph for future promotion and recruitment purposes, meaning she is not giving it back to you.


Laughter breaks the solitude of the long-silent village, and the lonesome scene grows pleasant once again.

Ending 2: “Flirtatious”

Step 1: Follow steps 1 to 6 of Ending 1.

Step 2: Suggest a pose for Beidou.

Choose to say, “Maybe go for something a little… flirtatious?

Beidou gets offended by the suggestion and no longer continues with this photography lesson.


“I thought we agreed to strike a flirtatious pose…” “Sorry, you agreed with who again!?”

Ending 3: Once Everything is Over

Sailor Training

“You’re just in time for the training of new Crux crew members. Beidou invites you to join in.”

Step 1: Have a taste of sailor training.

After expressing your interest in the life of a sailor, Beidou shares how they are currently doing some recruitment and training for new crew members.

One team will learn comprehensive survival skills, including maritime emergency rescue, marine meteorology, psychological counseling, and so on. They will serve as the support team for the fleet, ensuring safe navigation and thus called “The Shield of The Crux” The other team, of course, is called “The Spear of The Crux”, because they make up the armed portion of the crew who learns about naval warfare. They are also responsible for handling the fleet’s cargo deals.

Step 2: Select The Spear of The Crux

Training: The Spear of The Crux

Step 3: Go to the small vessel that Beidou has prepared.

Beidou invites you to experience the boat handling training conducted by The Spear of The Crux…

You are going to complete a timed challenge that is simulated naval battle training.

Even though The Alcor is capable in naval battles, Beidou said seeing the ship in a fight is the last thing she would like. Most conflicts they face are solved in negotiations. Only when the said talks fail do they consider deploying their armed fighters and Skirmish Boats, and they alone are enough to handle most situations.

The only reason The Alcor would ever need to open fire would be if it were a fight to the death.

Step 4: Go to the Skirmish Boats.

Ride the special Waverider and start the challenge. The goal of this exercise is simple: Steer your Skirmish Boat along the prescribed route and return within the time limit.

Step 5: Complete the boat handling challenge.

You need to collect 13 Wavesplitter Insignias within the time limit of 2 minutes. The first half of the challenge is sailing and navigating the Skirmish Boats to avoid whirlpools and attack enemies, while the second half is riding the wind current with your glider to go back up The Alcor.

Step 6: Talk to Beidou.

The Crux of Our Duties

“Beidou is very impressed by your performance and plans to take you to see the Crux’s real business.”

Step 7: Meet Beidou in Liyue Harbor.

Go to Liyue Harbor’s northern port, where Beidou will be waiting for you.

Beneath the Surface

“Now that you’ve completed the boat handling challenge, Beidou would like you to have a look at the Crux Fleet’s real bread and butter…”

As an armed fleet, The Crux is like the maritime equivalent of a Guard for Hire, working as an armed carrier, earning their keep by successfully delivering the goods entrusted to them from A to B. Aside from that, there is also one other important way The Crux makes an income, and that is trading certain kinds of goods.

Beidou introduces you to the bookkeeper of The Alcor, Mora-Grubber. She is there delivering a message from Juza about preparations now underway. Mora-Grubber also asks that if the Captain gives her the all-clear, she’ll head straight over, which Beidou decisively gives.

Step 8: Follow Beidou to meet with the trading partner.

The other business of The Crux is similar to what merchants do, except their transactions aren’t entirely above-board. Beidou decides to bring you along to witness such a transaction.

Step 9: Talk to Nei.

The person Beidou is meeting is Nei, a worker at Nei’s Professional Fishmonger’s, offering fresh seafood. Beidou wants a bass head with all teeth removed, a bass trunk with two swim bladders, and a bass tail with scales that are yellow on the outside, black on the inside, and with 81 scales, that’s 7 times 7.

Nei, however, cannot give what Beidou needs and suggests you go to Wai’s Amateur Fishmonger’s because he only accommodates professionals.

Step 10: Follow Beidou to Wai’s Amateur Fishmonger’s.

“You talk to the worker at Nei’s Professional Fishmonger‘s, but he doesn’t seem like a suitable trade partner at all. In fact, he tells you that as amateurs, you should go to Wai’s Amateur Fishmonger’s…”

Beidou explains that the talk with Nei is just the first step of the transaction to confirm your identity and that the real deal will come later, so you follow her to Wai’s Amateur Fishmonger’s.

Step 11: Talk to Wai.

Talking to Wai, Beidou states the things she wants to buy, and this merchant confirms that he can get them for her. Wai compliments Beidou for being a real amateur and then asks you to take your order to their warehouse manager on the lower level of the docks.

He said they don’t have fish in stock and only fish out the order once they get it from the customer. Pay first; then, they bring you the goods to get the freshest catch.

Step 12: Follow Beidou to meet with the warehouse manager.

The worker at Wai’s Amateur Fishmonger’s claims that he has what you need but that the warehouse owner can only arrange this trade. This person is Mr. Iron Abacus.

Step 13: Talk to Mr. Iron Abacus.

The warehouse manager at Wai’s Amateur Fishmonger’s explains that the bass that Beidou wants is not a standard specimen, which needs their fishermen to wait for the right moment to catch it. Beidou agrees and sets the time when and where to have the goods delivered.

The transaction is complete, and Beidou explains that the three people you just met are their business partners. That Nei’s Professional Fishmonger’s and Wai’s Amateur Fishmonger’s are just cover names. The bass is the code name for goods, while the numbers of teeth swim bladders, and scales represent different specifications.

The conversation with the warehouse keeper was the instructions for the deal. It means tonight at midnight, the deal will take place in Guyun Stone Forest and The Alcor will wait there as long as needed.

A Strange Transaction

“You arrange with the warehouse owner to meet at Guyun Stone Forest at midnight.”

Step 14: Go to Guyun Stone Forest

“Beidou explains the deal from earlier to you. Next stop, Guyun Stone Forest, so it seems, but as secretive as this operation might be, it couldn’t be anything bad… Right?”

Fast travel to the teleport waypoint in Guyun Stone Forest.

Step 15: Wait till early morning (00:00 – 05:00)

After reaching where the goods will be delivered, set the in-game time to any time between midnight and sunrise.

Doing this will have Mr. Iron Abacus appear with a ship behind him.

Step 16: Talk to Mister Iron Abacus

The warehouse manager has arrived at Guyun Stone Forest. It’s time to complete this trade.

As Beidou is checking the goods that Mr. Iron Abacus has brought per the deal, a unit of the Millelith appears, ordering you to stop what you are doing.

Yijian, the Millelith unite leader, claims they have received certain information about a potentially illegal business transaction at this location. He asks to inspect the goods that Beidou and Mr. Iron Abacus are trading.

However, after inspecting, they found that the goods were just a bunch of potatoes, flour, and so on. There’s not a single contraband item in the transaction, and the Ministry approved the paperwork of Civil Affairs, and the tax declarations are all in order.

The soldiers then apologized and left.

Step 17: Walk and talk with Beidou.

Beidou knows you have more questions after what just happened, so she asks you to go for a walk and she will explain everything.

As you have witnessed, the Millelith thought that an illegal transaction was going on between Beidou and the people she was trading with; that is exactly what she wanted them to believe. She reveals that you, the hero Liyue Harbor, and her as the leader of The Crux fleet, have both been on the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ watch list for a long time.

It almost always draws their attention whenever you or Beidou shows up in Liyue Harbor. In their words, it’s a security precaution to prevent people like us from causing unnecessary trouble. Of course, they just do their job to keep the land safe. But the truth is, Mora-Grubber, the accountant, is overseeing a deal that should go off without a hitch with your and Beidou’s transaction as a front.

Whatever the real deal is, Beidou agreed to tell only after you have traveled to every corner of the world, found your sibling, and neatly tied up all your loose ends along the way.


Beidou hopes to see you again someday.

Endings 4 & 5

**choose the option, “Why would I? I should be thanking them for taking me to Inazuma.”

Private Chat

“You go to a quiet spot to talk. Beidou seems to have something to share with you.”

Ending 4: Sakura Blooms Upon Guili Fell

Step 1: Go to a quiet spot to talk details with Beidou.

After the crew dropped you in Ritou, they found a shipwreck that probably belonged to Inazuman pirates, and when they searched it, they found a map. Beidou thought it was a nautical chart, but after a closer look, it was a Liyue treasure map.

Step 2: Investigate the map.

The map was a mess, but Beidou could figure out that the treasure was probably in Liyue. Now, Beidou needs your expertise in treasure hunting on land and shows you the map to see what you can make of it.

Step 3: Select Guili Plains.

To reach ending 4, you need to suggest that the map shows Guili Plains.

**choose the option that says, “I think it’s Guili Plains, just very badly drawn.

The treasure map Beidou has acquired is hard to read, but you give your opinion anyway. Now it’s off to Guili Plains to help Beidou look for the treasure.

Guili Plains Treasure Hunt

“As the crownless lord of all treasure hunters, you give your opinion to Beidou. Now, time to sally forth – Guili Plains, ahoy!”

Step 5: Go to Guili Plains.

The location is just near the Domain of Forsaken Ruin, so you can teleport to that domain and walk a little south to get to the spot.

Step 6: Stop the Treasure Hoarders who are currently digging.

Were You Expecting Someone Else

“The Treasure Hoarders show up near the location marked on the map. No way are you letting them steal a march on you!”

When you confronted the bandits, and they saw that you were with the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean, the Treasure Hoarders tried to flee the area quickly. But Captain Beidou stopped them, which had them apologizing to her. When Golden Alligator, the small-time treasure hoarder leader, asked for Beidou to take him and spare his team, the captain forgave him.

Beidou then tells the Treasure Hoarders that The Crux Fleet honors the rule of first-come, first serve, which means the treasure is still up for grabs. And since Golden Alligator found the treasure first, Beidou asked him what they wanted in exchange for it.

The Treasure Hoarders handed over the treasure as an apology for their foolish words and Beidou offered to help them get to the right track by offering to have The Crux arrange some odd jobs in the port.

Step 7: Investigate suspicious locations nearby

The stuff that the Treasure Hoarders were digging up isn’t what Beidou is looking for. Time to have a look around.

Scout the ruins until you see three piles of rocks that got Beidou’s attention. Break these and see what’s under them.

You did not find anything useful under the rocks, so you went to the northern part of the ruin until you came across a group of hilichurls digging up something.

When you go near the monster, they start attacking you, so you have to defeat them. After doing so, you check what they were so busy digging, but you still do not find any treasure.

Poetic Treasure

“The Treasure Hoarder who’s turned over a new leaf gives you some new clues. Will this lead to the thing Beidou is looking for?”

Moments later, Golden Alligator returned to share something they knew about the treasure. He says there are two treasures in Guili Plains, the first one being the one they were searching for when you came across them earlier. The second treasure is yet to be found, and the info about its exact location is hidden inside a poem, which goes like this:

“Drunkenly I gazed at the ruins long forsaken, and lay beneath red leaves whose branches cast a crooked shade. The dusk sun shone upon the sea as I awakened, but Guyun stood twixt weary eyes and the sight of home they crave.”

Step 8: Go to the “ruins long forsaken”

The “ruins long forsaken” mentioned in the poem is the Domain of Forsaken Ruins, and Beidou suggests that you go to it and continue deciphering the poem from there.

Step 9: Follow the clues in the poem to look for the treasure.

You analyze the clues given in the poem… “Drunkenly I gaze at the ruins long forsaken” may mean to gaze upon a ruin from afar, while the key sections of “and lay beneath red leaves whose branches cast a crooked shade” are “a tree with red leaves” and “shadows.” “The dusk sun shone upon the sea as I awakened” on the other hand, could refer to time.

Step 10: Solve the poem’s riddle.

From the entrance to the domain, look north towards an elevated land where a tree with brownish orange leaves has grown from its cliff. That tree is meant by the line: “beneath red leaves whose branches cast a crooked shade…”

Go to that elevated area behind the tree and investigate the area.

You will find something buried in the area, so go ahead and dig it up.

You found the treasure you were looking for, and it is a check from the Northland Bank. Although you were expecting the treasure to be something a little more unique, to Beidou, there is more to this particular check than its Mora value.

Beidou found the treasure map tightly sealed inside a small bottle along with a letter.

Neatly-Written Note:

If you found this bottle, I may no longer be in this world. I originally thought that these pirates, having their ways and means, might be able to send me back to Liyue, which was why I got on board their ship. I never expected that…

Ah, forget it. I suppose this is what they call destiny…

Before I came to Inazuma, I worried that my old mother’s place would be burgled, as she lives alone, so I left a check for all the Mora I’ve saved over these past few years buried in the location marked our on this map. Please help me retrieve that check and exchange it at the Northland Bank. The Mora will then be yours to do with as you please, save for a small portion that I would like used to pay my mother’s living expenses. Her name is Minamoto Kotomi, and she lives in the Guili Plains. Please do this for me, and thank you!

I’m sorry, Mother. I found loads of those Sakura Blooms that could be found all over your homeland, but it’s a shame that I cannot send them to your side.

To the Rightful Owner, Returned

“Now that you know the origin of this treasure, time to send it back where it belongs…”

Step 11: Go to the wooden house by the sea

Beidou tells you about the origin of this check and lets you read what is written on the letter that was found together with the treasure map. As it happens, finding the treasure is the last wish of a dying man, and Beidou is convinced to fulfill it.

East of the ruins, by the sea facing Yaoguang Shoal, is a little house where an old lady resides. This woman is Minamoto Kotomi.

Beidou then tasked the turned-in Treasure Hoarders to give the check to the old lady who lives in the wooden hut. She also instructed them to tell her that the check was a welfare payment from the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs. You also offered to give a few Sakura Blooms from your inventory.

Finally, if the old woman asks about the flower, the man should just tell her that her child in a faraway land sends his best wishes.


As the sakura from one’s homeland sinks into the sea, so too the wandering son’s thoughts are delivered to his mother…

Ending 5: Between Us

Step 1: Follow steps 1 and 2 of Ending 4.

Step 2: Select Qince Village

To reach Ending 5, you need to suggest that the map shows Qince Village.

**choose the option that says “I think it’s Qince Village, just very badly drawn.

The treasure map Beidou has acquired is hard to read, but you give your opinion anyway. Now it’s off to Guili Plains to help Beidou look for the treasure.

Qince Village Treasure Hunt

“As the crownless lord of all treasure hunters, you give your opinion to Beidou. Now, time to sally forth – Qince Village, ahoy!”

At your suggestion, the two of you decide to seek the treasure in Qince Village. What will you encounter on the way?

Step 3: Go to Qince Village

When you arrive at the village, Granny Ruoxin is glad to see you, especially now that some young folks have been arguing about petty nonsense. She wants you to talk some sense to Wenjing and Ji.

Ji raised some finches that grew in number and eventually flew into Wnjing’s land, destroying at least half of the crops. She asks for compensation from Ji, but he refuses to pay, claiming that the finches are not his. He just fed them a couple of times because he finds them cute.

Beidou asks for your take on the situation, and you can choose to say Ji is responsible for feeding them too much or that he is innocent and can’t control where the finches make their nests.

If you think Ji is responsible, Beidou will purchase the finches and take them away so it won’t harm any of Wenjing’s crops, but only if Ji would use the money to compensate the woman for her losses. But, if you think Ji is innocent, Beidou will ask Granny Ruoxin for any left from the relief funds delivered by The Crux on their last visit, so she can use it to cover Wenjing’s losses. Technically, the situation would be a case of avian damage to agriculture, meeting the relief criteria.

Honorary Villager

“Beidou’s fame amongst the people is great indeed. Help mediate the conflicts between the people seeking help.”

Step 4: Go to Ren for a little conversation.

Hearing that Beidou has come to their village, Pops Xing asks her to help mediate another disagreement. After helping solve the issue between Wenjing and Ji, Pops Xing urgently appears to complain about his neighbor, Ren. It seems that everyone here thinks very highly of her. See what’s going on.

The misunderstanding concerns a tree Ren planted on his property a few years ago. But a few years on, it has grown taller than the roof of Pops Xing’s house, and whenever he wants to feel the sun in the morning, he is instead greeted by the looming shadow of the tree.

The old man asked Ren to cut the tree, but he didn’t want to do it because it was planted by his late father to suppress the bad luck that was causing their family’s fortune to be inauspicious. It was his father’s dying wish to keep the tree.

Beidou suggests moving the tree to somewhere it won’t block the sunlight. Somewhere else in Ren’s courtyard, or even outside it if he has to. Just as long as it stops posing a problem for Pops Xing. Ren, however, said that he had thought of it, but the village doesn’t have the manpower to take on the task. And so, Beidou offered to have the crew head down to the harbor and find a few pairs of strong arms to solve the problem.

After helping solve the misunderstanding, Ren wondered why Beidou was back in the village so soon. When Beidou revealed that she was here to look for some treasure, it reminded Ren he saw Changping and Defu arguing in fields like they were both trying to lay claim to some treasure.

Step 5: for Look Changping and Defu.

You hear from Ren that Changping and Defu are currently arguing over some treasure. Time to see what’s happening.

You found the two men by the river arguing over a wooden chest. As it happens, Defu gets Changping to help him plow his land because it is the busy season. While doing the task, Changping plowed a treasure chest.

Defu sees it as his land, so the treasure belongs to him. But, Changping claimed that he helped Defu out of the goodness of his heart, not asking for payment of any amount of Mora. And since his plowing turned up the chest, Changping asserts he is entitled to at least some of the treasure.

When Beidou suggested getting a legal expert from Liyue Harbor to adjudicate, neither of the men seemed thrilled about the idea. Thus, Beidou revealed his purpose in coming back to the village and that what she’s looking for is probably hiding right there in the chest that the two are fighting for.

The Captain asked to have the treasure chest instead and promised she was indebted to both of them. If either of them needs anything in the future, The Crux will not hesitate to support them. Defu and Changping agreed to give Beidou the chest without anything in return.

Defu then invites you to the village, and he will rally the masses, get some good food and drink, and have a good old get-together.

Step 6: Wait until nighttime (21:00 – 24:00)

Set the in-game time to somewhere between 9 in the evening and midnight to fast forward to when the villagers have finished preparing for the feast.

Step: Take part in the village banquet.

Go to the village center and join everyone in having a good time.

Granny Ruoxin leads the villagers in thanking Beidou for helping solve many problems today.

Step: Go to the waterwheel where the chest is.

After three rounds of drinks, Beidou invites you to go out to shoot the breeze – and maybe find out what’s in that chest.

Beidou tells you how she felt when making decisions to help the villagers with their misunderstandings. And although she’s not Ningguang who can make a perfect deal every time, she is confident enough to say that her strength is trading favors, which she offers everyone.

Some people think their favors are so valuable that they need to plan out how and when to use them to maximize the return on their investment. They view the favor as a bargaining chip. Others see doing favors as a burden. Not worth anything in monetary terms and prone to getting you locked in a cycle of constantly returning the favor back and forth.

But the way Beidou sees it, favors are what keep people connected. Over thousands of years, the people of Liyue have created bonds between each other by doing someone a favor here and asking for a favor there. This means that no individual is truly on their own out there.

After the conversation, you both decided to open the chest, only to be greeted by the protruding smell of rotten crops. The treasure may not be what you expected, but the fun part was the treasure hunting itself.


Community and cheer is the web that connects human hearts.

Achievements & Rewards

After completing Ending 1 you will unlock the achievement:

Guyun Buyers’ Club – Find out the truth behind the deal Beidou’s making.

After completing Ending 5 you will unlock the achievement:

Wine Unburdens – Take part in the Qince banquet with Beidou.

When you reach all possible endings for this Hangout Event, you will unlock the achievement:

Honorary Crux Member – Complete “When the Crux Shines Bright” and unlock all endings.

Each ending will grant you certain rewards, which are as follows:


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