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BATTLEFIELD: Undesirable Firm 2 – 2010​

At present, Negative Firm 2 is a single of the most prosperous games in the franchise.

This is a sequel to the successful Terrible Business launching in 2010 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows Pc.

The game takes just after the Bad Firm storyline. It follows the B-Firm amid WWII. The squad is in search of specific operatives driving enemy traces.

The recreation depicts a wide single-player campaign with the neat character focus Bad Company had. In addition, Preston Marlowe will come again, as soon as yet again depicted as the principal character.

So, the multiplayer mode is extra. It is composed of numerous game modes, maps, cars, and weapons.


Terrible Firm 2 is one of the most successful games

BATTLEFIELD On the net – 2010​

This model debuted in 2010 for Home windows. It is a multiplayer-only Battlefield 2 remake.

It was also a cost-free-to-play edition. Unfortunately, it fulfilled with some technical issues, efficiency glitches. Also, it had an general graphical quality. EA shocked no one when they shut down the video game in 2013.

Now, the developers could test a function that the Battlefield series would later on use. Battlefield On-line could incorporate 100 gamers for each server.

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BATTLEFIELD Perform4Cost-free – 2011​

Participate in4Totally free is yet another identify of an aged Battlefield title.

EA adopted Battlefield On the internet with Battlefield Play4No cost, a 2011 cost-free-to-engage in multiplayer fps.

The newer recreation is related to the Heroes entry. It brings together shell out-to-get and micro-transactions with its absolutely free download selection.

The players could use it to buy armors and weapons. Battlefunds price tag authentic revenue or in-game performance points.

Enjoy4Absolutely free experienced no single-participant manner, though. It was a multiplayer-only expertise. It experienced most of the weapons and maps of Undesirable Organization 2 and Battlefield 2.


Enjoy4Totally free is a further name of an aged Battlefield title.
The video game is not on formal suppliers at the moment, so EA shut it down in 2015.


Battlefield 3 is Battlefield 2’s direct sequel. It was released in 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows Pc. The afterwards match is composed of more substantial maps, much more vehicles, much more scales, and 64 gamers in a multiplayer Personal computer campaign. On consoles, the recreation can help 24 gamers.

With a single-participant mode, you can enjoy the campaign with bots. Equally, the recreation has various features from the Bad Enterprise titles, like fighter jets and susceptible positions.

The campaign’s plot goes after the fictional “War of 2014” among the United States and Russia.

The match enhanced functionality, lights, visuals, and all round destruction. As a end result, the match seemed extra interactive and reasonable.


Battlefield 4 debuted in 2013 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox A person.

The game took the succession to the huge-scale warfare of the series, with outdated and new people. Also, it stated the Frostbite 3 engine for improved-than-at any time destruction.

Thankfully, the sport variations the actual physical attributes of a map.

Nonetheless, its solitary-player campaign seemed easy, with a plot continuing the primary storyline.

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Hardline was produced in 2015 for Home windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox A single, and Xbox 360.

The video game altered the army technique providing a Police vs. Robber working experience. So, it’s akin to Ubisoft’s Rainbox Six collection. That signifies gameplay attributes Unique Reaction Unites vs. criminals.

For starters, the single-participant mode is about arresting robbers. There’s a marketing campaign with a story in Miami. Rookie Detective Nick Mendoza follows a drug provide supply and finds himself amid a drug war.


It’s akin to Ubisoft’s Rainbox Six sequence.
The multiplayer additional new recreation modes the place the players joined possibly the law enforcement or the criminals. Some of these match modes consist of Heist, Blood Cash, Hotwire, Rescue, and Crosshair.


Battlefield V debuted in 2019 for PS4, Xbox A single, and Windows. It has a WWII environment and serves as a thematic continuation of Battlefield 1.

Battlefield V takes several aspects from the previous video games. That suggests the solitary-player campaign is similar, but multiplayer modes, classes, and graphics glimpse alike. Equally, the sport has a co-op marketing campaign with four gamers across WWII missions.

The gamers can adjust automobiles and weapons and make modifications as position. There’re also Beauty merchandise moreover a forex to purchase cosmetics.

And lastly, the video game focuses on occasion-centric playstyles.

BATTLEFIELD 2042 – 2021​

The most recent Battlefield entry was out there in Oct 2021 for Home windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox A single, and Xbox Collection.

The title talked about more substantial overcome in a futuristic placing. It also promised genuine-time dynamic weather and destructible environments. In addition, it supports 128 players for each map on Laptop and newer consoles, or 24 on outdated-gen consoles.


It can supports 128 players per map.
2042 can assist a distinctive sport mode. This allows gamers revisit previous maps and modes, with the prospect of incorporating individual tweaks. A different new practical experience was Hazard Zone, concentrating on Fight-Royale squad-dependent battle.

However, it appears to be like the match is undone. The sport is sitting with a 2.4 user rating on Metacritic, one particular of the lowest scores on the internet site.

Most followers centered on effectiveness challenges, a small arsenal, couple customization alternatives, a weird bullet unfold mechanic, and critical crashes. No courses and no stats, merely Specialists with some microtransactions have been available.

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